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BBQ Grill Cleaning by Grill Tanks Plus

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bbq grill cleaning by grill tanks plus

A poorly maintained BBQ Grill leads to numerous performance issues, not to mention, possible health concerns. Did you know that, depending on how you use the BBQ Grill, grilled foods can increase the chance of Cancer? Take for instance the following statement from the American Institute for Cancer Research, “Whether you are using red meat, […]

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PATIO HEATER REPAIR INTRODUCTION Keeping a patio heater lit is quite a challenge at times. We get calls all the time and you’d be surprised how often the solution is simple enough for home/business owners to handle. In this guide, we’ll attempt to save you a service call, but of course, we’re here to serve […]

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GS4 Grilling System by Weber Grills

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Weber Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill

Performing as well as grills that cost hundreds of dollars more the Weber Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill costs, the proprietary GS4 Grilling System is what makes it stand out the most. We are calling the $500 Weber Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill a value purchase; not that $500 is cheap, but one […]

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outdoor kitchen

BLAZE GRILLS An outstanding company for entry-level grills, Blaze has a combined 45-year founders history. They pride themselves on valuing how important it is to have a high quality, outdoor living space that people of all ages can truly enjoy. To many, the ultimate summer entertainment activity is a big picnic with family and friends […]

BBQ Grill Tips & Tricks

How To Grill Wild Game Meats

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Big Game Wild Boar Chops

Since the discovery of fire, man has been “Grilling” wild meat. The experience for some is more than just about grilling food to eat. For these types, the entire process from start to finish is the lure. To go out and catch, process/prepare, and cook your own food is quite exhilarating. The thrill of the […]

BBQ Grill Safety

How To Reset A Lynx Grill Regulator

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Image of a LYNX Grill and Propane tank with a LYNX Regulator

Finally, it’s Friday and you’re excited to start your weekend off right! You’ve invited family over for a small dinner party. Then you go to ignite your Lynx grill to preheat it and you discover it’s not getting above 300 degrees, or maybe it didn’t light at all. Don’t panic! Before you call your local […]

Grill Tanks Plus Scholarship


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Students celebrating graduation

We are proud to announce our new scholarship – Helping today to create tomorrow’s leaders. We are an Appliance Repair Service provider specializing in BBQ Grill Repair, BBQ Grill Cleaning and Propane Refill. However, Grill Tanks Plus is not just another money making enterprise. We believe in giving back and helping the community … the […]