BBQ Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Grill Maintained

Everyone knows that a well-kept grill is stunning, safe to use, and works efficiently. But the knowledge about cleaning it isn’t widespread. Not to worry. We are here for you! At Grill Tanks Plus, we have highlighted the best bbq cleaning tips to help you maintain your grill. If you reside in Palm Beach County, our grill cleaning services are irresistible and top-notch. Let’s first explore these cleaning tips.

Get The Right BBQ Cleaning Equipment

To clean your grill the right way, you need the right tools. Do away with toxic chemicals since they have the potential of ruining the taste of your food. Also, make sure you settle with a long wire bottle brush, elbow grease, and a wire brush instead of getting some self-acclaimed grilling tools sold online or in any local store. If you own a stainless steel grill, you should invest in the best stainless cleaner for extra shine. You can get this from the best cleaner that offers grill cleaning services

Additionally, you’d be required to use a scouring sponge, rubber gloves, and cotton rags. If you want to clean your stainless steel grill without stress, wait until the weather is cool because the hot sun can make it harder to clean. You can also apply regular white vinegar that is nearly 5 percent acidic to clean your grill.

Cleaning Process

To start the cleaning process, you need to fire up the grill to help it come to temperature. Wait for a minimum of 30 minutes. After the extreme temperature has softened stuck-on-grease or food, then use the wire brush that has been soaked in hot soapy water to scrub off carbon from the grill’s grates. After that, turn off the gas to let it completely cool off. The moment the grill cools, take off the flavorizer bar and grates to completely submerge it inside warm soapy water. Allow it to soak for 30 minutes. Make sure you strip off the grill any attachments like warming grease trays, burner-control knobs, and others. The next phase will be to use a vacuum on your grill. You will use this to extract any leftover loose debris. 

Further, you will need to scrub everything. This time, you will be using a wire brush to scrub. Finally, it’s time to wash and wipe! Empty the bucket filled with dirty water and refill with clean water. Add a few drops of dish soap, and scrub down again using a kitchen sponge. After washing, use a microfiber towel to wipe and dry.

Final Touches

You can use a stainless cleaner as your final touch. Spray the cleaner and hold on for a few minutes. After that, wipe and clean with a dry cloth. In the absence of a stainless cleaner, you can make use of undiluted white vinegar. Once you’ve achieved a sparkling grill, you can now reassemble it.

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