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A poorly maintained BBQ Grill leads to numerous performance issues, not to mention, possible health concerns. Did you know that, depending on how you use the BBQ Grill, grilled foods can increase the chance of Cancer? Take for instance the following statement from the American Institute for Cancer Research, “Whether you are using red meat, poultry or seafood, substances in the muscle proteins of these foods react under high heat to form carcinogenic compounds called Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs).” Heterocyclic amines are carcinogens (substances that may cause cancer). In this article, we will examine the issue and demonstrate the proper way to clean a BBQ Grill.

So there’s no need to panic! All that is required here is a bit of knowledge. As to how to cook your food it’s simple, cook with low heat and try not to char the meat. But the most important part of this is to KEEP THE GRILL CLEAN. Of course, we all know the first place char tends to build up is on the cooking grates. That’s the #1 source of harmful carcinogens. Obviously, it builds upon the grates continually exposed to heat and gets on the food. A regular BBQ Grill cleaning routine will prevent any potential health concerns.

Anyone living in Palm Beach or Broward county that has tried to clean a BBQ Grill knows it’s a tough and messy job. South Florida’s humidity doesn’t help things either. That is if you really want it done right! The term “elbow grease” aptly applies here.

Cleaning a Grill

BBQ Grill Cleaning Step by Step

We’re going to show you now our step by step procedure. Of course, we will be using one scenario but depending on condition and type of grill things can vary; however, this is a good general guide.

Step 1

Sometimes Grills need more than just a cleaning. A part of the Grill Tanks Plus cleaning process includes grill repair diagnostics, and some Grills present quite the challenge.

We always assess the situation on a case by case basis. In this example, you can see a grill that has been virtually abandoned and seemingly doomed for the garbage. But we saw something different.

So we got to work!

bbq grill cleaning

Step 2

We make sure to work as clean as possible and never leave your outdoor kitchen messy. Upon having pulled the entire cook-box out “if applicable” we brought it to a suitable work area and salvaged any parts that were still good. There weren’t many in this case.

For those parts that were good, we begin by refurbishing them using proprietary methods derived from years of experience.

BBQ Grill Cleaning

Step 3

We never just brush aside debris, we get rid of it altogether and make sure the cooking station is clean and ready for reinstall.

We also take this time to inspect the entire outdoor kitchen island for any critters that may have made it their new home.

Once the island is ready and the cook box and parts cleaned up, we begin reinstalling.

BBQ Grill Cleaning

Step 4

And now for the new parts. This particular grill needed all new briquets. We use only the highest quality parts as recommended by the manufacture of the grill.

Once all of the parts are installed, we then thoroughly test the grill to make sure everything is in order; that also includes testing your grills propane delivery mechanisms.

Upon having deemed the job done, we make sure the user knows exactly the proper way to use it and we turn it over.

Another job, well done!

BBQ Grill Cleaning


Cleaning Your Cooking Grates

One of the hardest bbq grill cleaning procedures has to do with the cooking grates. This of course is where all the Carcinogen rich char builds and it can be very difficult to get that char of the grates. Especially because there are so many intersecting grid points where stubborn char can build. One of our favorite ways to deal with this is to use a powered wire wheel.

wire wheel on a drill for cleaning bbq grills
However, please be aware that any steel bristle cleaning devices require a certain level of attention because at some point those steel bristles start to come of. Our sister company wrote an article on this and in great detail cover the issue from problem to solution. Click here: Grill Cleaning With A Steel Brisle Brush.

Cleaning Your BBQ Grills Cook Box

The Last Frontier

Most people just want to clean the grates up and move on. Take a look at the following image. Be it we’re in South Florida, what we see a lot of is a mixture of rodent droppings, insects, and charred food. The health concerns here are rather obvious. It’s not always easy to get to the bottom of the cook box and requires special tools. To skip this part of the BBQ Grill Cleaning process is a mistake. If you are unsure of what you are doing let us help you!

Honestly, we could write a book on the process, but we know you have a life to live. Just leave it to us. We won’t let you down …

When it comes to BBQ Grill Cleaning – Grill Tanks Plus!

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