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1. We begin with an assessment of the grill to determine a good course of action.
In some cases, cleaning and or repairing the grill is not worth it. In such cases, Grill Tanks Plus will help you select & install the best BBQ Grill to meet your needs.
2. We then begin by dismantling the bbq grill pulling all the parts that can come out.
3.We find a suitable work area and bring these parts over for refurbishing.
4. We then continue the job on the cook box and island.
5. We go through every nook and cranny, making sure no debris is left behind anywhere.
6. We then wash out the box “with the Grill Tanks Plus proprietary method” and polish everything up – inside and out.
7. It’s now time to work on all the internal parts like grates and burners.
8. Finally, we put it all back together and test the grill. In this process we investigate everything – even testing the regulator. We then make our recommendations for any further service needs.

Before and After BBQ Grill Cleaning Services
Before and After BBQ Grill Cleaning Grates
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Ellyn Roston Osher

Incredible company. They converted our grill from gas to propane. It has never worked as well, even when it was new. They cleaned it as well, and it looks brand new. I was beyond thrilled with the service.


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This page is proudly created for the good people of Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

GRILL TANKS PLUS was founded in Delray Beach Florida in 2011. Since then we have grown exponentially and so too has our service area. Please call us today to see how Grill Tanks Plus can help you to better enjoy your outdoor kitchen life!


Cleaning a Grill


Anyone that has tried to clean a BBQ Grill knows it’s a tough and messy job. That is if you really want it done right! The term “elbow grease” aptly applies here.

A poorly maintained BBQ Grill leads to numerous performance issues, not to mention, possible health concerns. Did you know that, depending on how you use the BBQ Grill, grilled foods can increase the chance of Cancer? Take for instance the following statement from the American Institute for Cancer Research, “Whether you are using red meat, poultry or seafood, substances in the muscle proteins of these foods react under high heat to form carcinogenic compounds called Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs).”

Now no need to panic! All that is required here is a bit of knowledge. As to how to cook your food its simple, cook with low heat and try now to char the meet. But the most important part of this is to KEEP THE GRILL CLEAN. Of course, we all know the first place char tends to build up is on the cooking grates. That’s the #1 source of harmful carcinogens. Obviously, it builds up on the grates continually exposed to heat and gets on the food. A regular BBQ Grill cleaning routine will prevent any potential health concerns.


So why Grill Tanks Plus? When it comes to BBQ Grill Cleaning we have the expertise as well as proper equipment for the job! Take a look at the following image.

cleaning barbecue grill Grill Tanks Plus

There, of course, you see the carcinogen rich char but also we see a wire brush is used. Did you know it’s very important to make sure you are using a new wire brush? These kinds of brushes become brittle very quickly and it has happened many times that people experience complications due to wire pieces breaking off and finding their way into the food – that can’t be good for digestion! With us, you can rest assured that we will get the job done professionally.


Most people just want to clean the grates up and move on. Take a look at the following image.

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At Grill Tanks Plus, being in South Florida, what we see a lot of is a mixture of rodent droppings, insects, and charred food. The health concerns here are rather obvious. Its not always easy to get to the bottom of the cook box and requires special tools. To skip this part of the BBQ Grill Cleaning process is a mistake. If you are unsure of what you are doing let us help you!

Honestly, we could write a book on the process, but we know you have a life to live. Just leave it to us. We won’t let you down …

When it comes to BBQ Grill Cleaning – Grill Tanks Plus!