How to Dispose and Have the Best BBQ Grill Recycling in FL?

BBQ grill recycling in FL

After your grill has outlived its use, it’s about time you say goodbye to it. Figuring out how to dispose of a BBQ grill can be confusing, especially if it has several parts. Here’s a guide to disposing of and recycling your old grill. Plus, if you’re looking to recycle a gas grill near you, Grill Tanks Plus+ is your best bet!


How To Dispose and Recycle Your Old Grill

Empty and remove the propane tank: Before removing the tank, ensure there’s no gas left in it. To ascertain that gas is properly discharged, you should hire the services of a BBQ grill recycling company in FL.

Throw away parts that cannot be recycled or scrapped: Any grill parts made from rubber or non-recyclable should be disposed of with the trash. For example, You should throw away rubber propane hoses, metallic control knobs, and casters since they’re not recyclable.

Set aside batteries and electronics: Electronics like ignition wires and electronic controllers, including batteries, need to be got rid of with other household electronics. Ensure you find out about local e-waste policies before you get rid of them. Also, make inquiries about e-waste recycling events close to you.

Remove the gas valves: Since gas valves are made from brass or aluminum, you’ll need to remove and recycle them as scrap metal. You’ll need to remove the valves to recycle a gas grill.

Take the grill body to the recycling center: The grill body of a gas grill is usually built from steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. You can recycle these metals, melt and use them in producing new materials and products.

Consider plastic parts: While some recycling centers collect grills intact, you may have to recycle each part of your grill. For grills with plastic parts, check if they have a recycling symbol. You’ll need to dispose of those without the recycle logo and the trash. The recycling center may not accept the parts even with a recycling symbol. Ensure that this complies with their policy. Meanwhile, plastic side shelves usually have a recycle logo to indicate the need to recycle. That said, metallic grill shelves may be recycled.


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