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BBQ grill cleaning Boynton Beach to the rescue this Winter

The winter season is here and it is the time to bring the BBQ grill out from the store and use it to throw some awesome BBQ parties! But, wait. What if the grill you are taking out after months doesn’t work well?

We, at BBQ grill cleaning Boynton Beach, are here to solve this problem of yours. Residing and working at Boynton Beach, we offer a variety of services to all those who want to ensure that their BBQ grills work well for a long period of time.

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Why choose BBQ grill cleaning Boynton Beach?

These services are not just something anyone would offer! We are the exception in terms that a detailed and in-depth inspection of the grill is made, ensuring that each and every issue faced by it is traced out. This is done by our experts who have years of knowledge regarding BBQ grill repairs. From cleaning to scrubbing and from inspecting to restoring, they are pro at everything. No matter how intricate the problem is, it takes them a few minutes to solve it.

Varied customers of BBQ grill cleaning Boynton Beach

Our clients come from varied backgrounds and have numerous ways of usage for their grills. Hence, they face different kinds of problems when it comes to the BBQ grill not working well. We ensure that business owners managing huge eateries as well as individuals using their grills at their homes in a limited scope are served with equal benefits. The food enthusiasts who are quite particular about their food tasting in a certain way are given services of all kinds to bring the flavor back! Our top-notch professional grill cleaning does this perfectly!

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Managing the outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens get affected by the changing weather quite easily. This is why most people get discouraged by the idea of having one. BBQ grill cleaning Boynton Beach makes sure to facilitate those who dared to get an outdoor kitchen and follow their dream! Repairing, maintenance, and management of the kitchen grill and BBQ cleaning service for the outdoor kitchens are what the company employees love to do!

Satisfying the client: Our top priority

The company has a record of successfully satisfying the customers while making new ones and retaining the old ones. A satisfied customer is of utmost importance for the company management, which drives the motivation of team members working with the company.

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But here are a few examples for you!

BBQ Grill Igniter


Wear and Tear is the #1 cause of Ignitor Issues. Cooking food always leads to an increase of moisture in the Cook Box. This increases grease build up around the electrodes and can interfere with the spark needed to ignite the grill. Often the only thing that is needed is a good cleaning and a repositioning of the igniters so that they spark again.

Weber Regulator BBQ Gas


You would be surprised how often a simple regulator reset can solve the BBQ Grill issues. (SEE BELOW) However, there are numerous other issues that can arise like leaks and/or Over Fill Prevention (OPD) Device issues, and these can cause heating discrepancies. Also, due to weathering, hoses can become dry and brittle leading to leaks. We offer regulator tests that will identify such an issue.


Often times BBQ Grill Igniter issues can be resolved by resetting the regulater?

Regulator for BBQ Grill

1. Turn the gas off at the propane tank.
2. Disconnect hose from the propane tank.
3. Open your BBQ Grill lid.
4. Turn all the burner valves to high.
5. Wait for 2 minutes.
6. Turn off all the burner valves.
7. Reconnect the gas line and tank.
8. Turn the gas on slowly on the propane tank.
9. Light the grill using your normal lighting procedures.
10. These steps should reset the regulator and often times solve your issue.

BBQ Grill Control Valve

Control Valve Repair

All BBQ Grills have Control Valves that regulate the full to air ratio. Control valves, if broken, should simply be replaced not repaired. Sometimes, it is a minor issue like the oraphice being clogged. In such cases, you can save the Valve, but more often than not it’s best to simply replace the Control Valve.



Connected to the control valve, Venturi Tubes control the fuel to air mixture also therefore providing a strong flame. If the tubes are damaged, or if they get clogged in any way there can be heating issues, uneven flame or they simply stop working. Often times we also see that they have been knocked out of placed and must be repositioned again.

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While there are many more issues that can occur, we have provided the most common of them above. It’s a good idea to contact a trained professional if you are unsure of how to resolve your BBQ Grill issues. We have seen it all over the years so you can feel confident in our services – and we have the reviews to prove it!

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