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All gas grills work with convection. Of course some of them are designed to be better at it than others. In essence convection means the transfer of heat via the air surrounding the heat source. So the idea is to get the air constantly moving around the food so that you get a better and more evenly cooked meal. 

Here is a great illustration of convection.

So in this way all grills are convection because all grills will form convection currents;
though some grill producers add certain technology to enhance the effect. 

Take for instance the Titanfire BBQ Convection Bake Plate

bake plate for bbq convection

You can see how the bake plate makes the heat emanate from the outside of the plate thus
creating a convection current. Here’s another device used to enhance convection:

TurboQue Smoker – Convection Grilling


This device works in obvious ways. So at the end of the day there are many BBQ Grill designs that use convection enhancing technology; both built in or as an after market item.

So whats better than traditional convection? 


There are many advantages to using Infrared technology. First and foremost Infrared technology uses no convection dynamics. Instead it provides a perfectly even heat source. Furthermore because there is no convection current forming, the moisture that surrounds the food being cookedremains undisturbed. This leads to 35% more moisture retentionin the food – That’s got to be a good thing!

How about saving money – everybody loves $$$. Well infrared is a very efficient and clean energy source. It will definitely be easy on your energy bill.   

Ah yes, then there’s the great nemesis of all BBQ Grill enthusiasts; the Flare Up.  

This happens because when the flammable meets flame it flares -simple. This doesn’t happen with an infrared system. In addition to that, your grill will be much easier to keep in good condition because the open flame style burns food onto the grill. Furthermore you also eliminate cancer causes carcinogens.

Check out this study by the National Cancer Institute HERE


Ceramic Infrared Burner System 

This design leads to an extremely hot grill temperature. 1400 – 1600 degrees of perfectly even heat. The cooking Surface Temperature Range is roughly 600-1000 degrees.
Now with this particular design, because the the main heat source is so close to the trays you may actually see minimal flare ups, but nothing like openLynx Professional Series gas grills, is an infrared game changer. The ProSear 2 uses ceramic infrared technology in a new way. The burners trident-shaped design offers more searing area than other infrared burners.Cooking Surface Temperature Range is roughly 300-1,000 degrees. Traditionally, ceramic infrared burners are known for only being capable of reaching ridiculously high temperatures, but the ProSear 2 has the capability of dialing down temperatures for cooking delicate items, or cranking up the heat for intense searing. Lynx ProSear 2 is offered in multiple configurations within Lynx Grills, giving you the ability to choose a hybrid (infrared and traditional) Lynx grill or an an all-infrared Lynx grill..

TEC Stainless Steel IR Burner & Radiant Glass Panel

TEC reinvented the infrared burner system again when they introduced a stainless steel infrared burner, topped with stainless mesh instead of ceramic, and a glass panel that sits directly atop the burner, with the cooking grid sitting directly atop the glass panel. Cooking Surface Temperature Range of roughly 350-850 degrees. This system provides incredibly even heat distribution and virtually no flare ups. You’ll find TEC’s Stainless Steel IR Burner & Radiant Glass Panel System featured in TEC Sterling FR, Sterling G FR, and Cherokee FR grills.

TEC Stainless Steel Conversion Burner & Radiant Glass Panel

TEC’s best system yet! This system features the cooking grid sitting directly atop a radiant glass panel, over a stainless steel burner that is more durable and more versatile than TEC’s IR burner. Cooking Surface Temperature Range on TEC’s Patio FR is an impressive 200-900 degrees, and is able to reach even lower temperatures using TEC Patio FR’s smoker/roaster accessory. TEC’s G-Sport FR’s cooking surface temperature range is 250-850 degrees, and is also able to reach even lower temperatures using its smoker/roaster accessory .This system provides incredibly even heat distribution and virtually no flare ups. You’ll find TEC’s Stainless Steel IR Burner & Radiant Glass Panel System featured in TEC Patio FR and G-Sport FR.

Stainless Steel Tube Burner & Metal Heat Emitter System 

This infrared system, found on the entry level infrared grills, features a stainless steel tube burner, like those found on traditional entry level grills, with a metal heat emitter panel sitting over the burner and the cooking grid sitting directly atop the emitter panel. Cooking Surface Temperature Range of roughly 300-650 degrees. The pipe burners produce less heat than the high end infrared systems, which makes for different results than the precise, high searing heat most people equate with infrared. This system provides good even heat distribution and virtually no flare ups. You’ll find this style of infrared system on grill brands such as Charbroil and Saber, with Saber featuring some 304 series stainless steel construction.

Well that does it. Please contact us, or your local BBQ Grill Repair company for any questions regarding your convection or infrared BBQ Grill. 



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