Replacing Or Buying A New Grill

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replacing or buying a new grill

Do you use your grill often? Then, you should expect it to wear out eventually. When your grill fails to function efficiently, you might wonder if what you need is replacing or buying a new grill. Here is the good news: We have created this guide to ease your worry! Professionals at Grill Tanks Plus […]

propane tank refill

Tips For Propane Service Over Summer

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Your propane appliances will keep running efficiently and safely if you regularly maintain, inspect and imbibe safety measures. But how do you keep up during summer? We’ve got an article to sail you through all the essential tips to live by. Apart from our propane tank refill services at Grill Tanks Plus in Palm Beach […]

BBQ Grill Safety

Propane Tank Safety Tips To Consider

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Propane gas is unquestionably one of the efficient and affordable ways to heat the home, cook, and generate electricity. But, sadly, improper handling of propane can lead to disaster. It can cost not only your investments but your very life! Hence, learning propane tank safety tips is a must for propane users. In this article, […]

BBQ Grill Cleaning

BBQ Grill Cleaning by Grill Tanks Plus

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BBQ Grill Cleaning by Grill Tanks Plus

A poorly maintained BBQ Grill leads to numerous performance issues, not to mention, possible health concerns. Did you know that, depending on how you use the BBQ Grill, grilled foods can increase the chance of Cancer? Take for instance the following statement from the American Institute for Cancer Research, “Whether you are using red meat, […]

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Patio Heater Repair Near Me

PATIO HEATER REPAIR INTRODUCTION Keeping a patio heater lit is quite a challenge at times. We get calls all the time and you’d be surprised how often the solution is simple enough for home/business owners to handle. In this guide, we’ll attempt to save you a service call, but of course, we’re here to serve […]