How professional Grill Cleaners Will Conduct a Deep Clean on a Gas Grill

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How often one cleans their grill depends on how much they use it. When your grill isn’t heating or struggles to reach 500F, it may signify that you need to do deep cleaning. Even if you wiped the grill before storing it away for winter, it’s essential to do a thorough cleaning before you start a new grilling season. Get yourself good gas grill maintenance from Grill Tanks Plus.


How to do a proper Grill maintenance

Deep cleaning involves inspecting and taking everything out for scrubbing and then putting it back together.

Equipment for deep cleaning;

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Vegetable oil
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Stainless steel polish
  • Grill brush
  • Large bucket


What does a deep gas grill cleaner do?

  1. First, they will check the inside of your grill, wipe any debris collected while it was not in use, and remove cobwebs because they tend to flare when ignited.
  2. Give the grill approximately five to 10 minutes to run on high heat. Turn off the grill and scrape the grate with a brush to remove food particles. Once the grill cools, they will remove the grate to do a deeper cleaning.
  3. A professional grill cleaner will check inside the lid for loose bits and splattered grease. If there are any grease or food particles, they will scrape them down.
  4. Next, they will check the burner tubes for corrosion or clogs. If your burner tubes have clogs or rot, it will snuff out sections of the burner flame, leading to uneven cooking. With the tank and gas turned off, they will remove the heat deflector and cooking grate and clean any spills from the tubes using a wire brush and clear all blocked holes using a skewer.
  5. They will remove the tubes and run a straight wire or bottle brush through the center to loosen all the remaining debris.
  6. After the scraping, they will grab a sponge and soapy water in a large bucket and thoroughly scrub the heat deflector plates. They will wash the tubes too or use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe them clean. Then they will towel dry the gas ports and tubes before assembling them back to the grill.
  7.  Most grim ends at the bottom of the grill, which is hard to remove, even with soapy water. It is, however, easy to clean. Some grills come with a removable bottom tray that slides out. Using a grill brush, they will clean the hard-to-reach areas and scrape the debris into a bucket or use a dry vacuum to remove it.
  8. Using a clean solution and a paper towel, they will wipe your grills outside and in the storage area.
  9. Finally, they will oil the grill and heat it for 10-15 minutes until the grate looks blackened or bronzed to evaporate the remaining moisture, and then put the cover on the grill once it cools.
  10. Cooking using a gas grill on the outside is fun, but you need to maintain them for better cooking.


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