The Gas Grill Won’t Light! Should I Call The Gas Repair Company?

Gas Grill Won't Light

Not just yet. It could be a very small problem.

But first, don’t get frustrated when your gas grill won’t light!

You probably just forgot that what goes to the grill first is the ignition. Most people grab the stick lighter by default and forget the ignition while struggling to find out why the gas grill is not lighting.

As you often notice, sometimes your gas grill won’t light, for no apparent reason. If you haven’t used your gas grill for a long time, it is normal and can be justified.

But don’t immediately feel discouraged if your grill is not lighting. Most times, it is just a minor problem. Maybe all you need is to step out for a minute and try again.

Starting A Gas Grill: Check To Make Sure You Followed the Right Starting Procedure

Before exploring all possibilities of why your gas grill won’t light, it is essential to confirm you are starting your grill as instructed by the manufacturer for you to follow.

Because regardless of what tips we offer here, there is a specific procedure recommended by your grill manufacturer that you need to go through. Do it first, and if that doesn’t work, then you should follow this process below:

  • To start, check for the lid of your grill and open
  • Make sure all knobs are off, including the accessory burner
  • Check your propane tank and be sure it is switched off
  • Then detach the propane tank from your grill
  • Now switch all knobs from the off position to “High” and leave it that way for three to five minutes.
  • Then turn it off or return it to the off position
  • Attach your gas or propane tank and slowly on the valve,
  • Wait about 10 – 15 second
  • Once that’s done, start your grill as you usually would.

The Grill Is Still Not Lighting?

Then you may need to open the valve and let the gas go through the center-fed tube for some minutes. If the gas doesn’t go through, it will not ignite, and your grill won’t light. At this point, we will carry you through some possible causes.

Propane Grill Starter – Problem With Your Liquified Propane Tank Or Regulator

The regulator is built to deliver a steady gas supply to the grill and keep you safe.

Sometimes, lighting a propane grill won’t work due to a lousy regulator or bad propane grill starter. As explained above, if you don’t follow the proper starting process, your regulator may be in bypass mode.

The bypass mode is a safety measure designed to prevent starting a gas grill or lighting a propane grill from leaks. If you don’t follow the correct procedure of starting a gas grill, the gas escapes before pressure has been equalized; this will cause your grill to snap into bypass mode.

The moment that happens, the regulator will completely prevent your gas or propane from flowing. To start your grill after going into bypass mode, all you need to do is reset your regulator by simply switching off your propane tank and detaching the hose from your tank.

Then open your grill lid and switch all knobs on the burner on high. After a few minutes, switch it off and reconnect your gas or propane tank.

Getting used to this method of resetting your grill before you start is a good practice to always follow if you need to use your grilling machine.

If your grilling machine is a high-end grill, it will be equipped with an appliance regulator. Which is usually close to the manifold.