Grill Cleaner: The Best Cleaning Solutions For Your Outdoor Grills

Grill Cleaner

As the grilling season is approaching it’s important to get your grill ready for backyard cookouts and barbeques. Having a grill cleaner is one of the best options.

You may get tempted to get your natural grill cleaner solution from your local store or an online store. But don’t. Manufactured grill cleaning solutions have the advantage of cleaning a grill faster but they’re not the best.

They contain chemicals that can impact the taste of grilled foods. You should therefore consider using natural grill cleaners to clean your grill. Ensuring your grill is always clean will help in extending the life of your grill and your grilled food will be tasty.

Also using a natural grill cleaner will ensure that your barbecue is free from unwanted chemicals. Therefore consider using grill cleaning supplies like warm water, dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, and others. So let’s look at solutions that will help in keeping your grill spotless.

Grill Cleaning Solutions For You

Clean Using Steam

Steam is a good grill cleaner. It helps in loosening grease and food residue. Use steam when your grill is still warm. Right after using the grill let it cool down and then cover it using a water-soaked newspaper.

The next step is to close the grill using its lid. Leave it to steam for about 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes elapse remove the newspaper which will be all dirty and greasy. Remember to dry your grill racks off after the steaming process is complete.

Clean Using An Onion

An onion is an unlikely bbq grill cleaner but it does the work. You can mix the onion with lemons to effectively break down grease and food residue. During cleaning ensure that your grills racks are still a bit heated up.

Then attach your onion to either a grilling fork or tongs and rub it across the hot grill bars. The onion using water and its natural antibacterial properties will steam away stuck-on foods.

Use White Vinegar

White vinegar is a natural grill cleaner. It’s in fact among the best grill cleaners. It contains acetic acid. These acid properties make it easier to break down grease and carbon. It is a suitable grill cleaner for a stainless steel grill.

During cleaning mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then spray the solution across the grill and wipe it off using a dry and clean cloth. Before wiping ensure you let the solution sit on the grill for about 10minutes.

You can also combine vinegar with aluminum foil and scrub the grill. White vinegar is a good grill cleaning solution for both external and interior use.

A Dishwasher

If your barbeque grill is not too huge your hot plates should comfortably fit in your dishwasher. Set your dishwasher to a pot wash cycle and then insert the hotplates.

When the dishwasher is done your hotplates will be sparkling clean. Also, remember to start cleaning the hotplates when they are a bit warm.

Use Coffee

The acid in coffee usually helps in loosening caked-on dirt. You can therefore soak your grilling tools and utensils in coffee. Coffee being a gas grill cleaner will help in eliminating hard-to-remove stains.

Use Baking Soda

Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on your grill. You can also mix some of it with water. Using a scourer sponge scrub your grill until it’s clean.

There is also the option of combining baking soda with vinegar for a more effective grill cleaning solution. You can then place your grill grates in the solution and let them soak overnight to remove all grease and grime.

Use Beer

Beer is used to clean the grill when it’s still warm. It is carbonated and it is also acidic making it a perfect grill cleaner. You just pour the beer on your grill and scrub it using a wire brush, newspaper, or aluminum foil. After which your grill will be sparkling.

Coat Your Grill In Cooking Oil

This may seem a bit weird but cooking oil helps in preventing food from sticking on the grill and it also helps to reduce rusting. Try rubbing sunflower oil on your barbecue grill before and after you use it. Its advantages will only be seen after a try. So try it out and thank us later.

Steps In Cleaning An Outdoor Grill

These steps are perfect for all grill types irrespective of whether it runs on gas, electricity, or charcoal. You can use cleaning supplies such as latex gloves, sponge, aluminum foil, wire brushes, dishwashing soaps, vegetable oil,  cloths, and all the above-mentioned solutions.

The steps are:

  • Heat and cool your barbecue grill
  • Soak the grilling grate
  • The next step is to clean the grilling grate
  • Protect the barbecue grill from rust
  • Take time to clean the grill lid
  • Finally, clean your grill tray

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