Top 5 Grill Hacks That Will Keep Your Grill Clean

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Regardless of the grill cooking scenario, you are in, grill cleaning is a must. You want to ensure that you give it your best and remove all of the grime and grease at all times. Lucky for you most of the items in your home can work as cleaning agents.

Believe it or not, our tips for the best way to clean a grill include things such as coffee and onion. There’s no shortage of BBQ cleaner options in your home and the best grill cleaner should get all of the dirt out, regardless of which one it is.

Some hacks that can help in cleaning grill grates and other grill parts

Use a Steam Clean

When you have used your BBQ during the day, and it has started to cool down, what you should do in order to ensure your grill is clean would be to cover it and add some water-soaked newspaper. Then close the lid.

Leave this shut down for about 30 minutes to give it a good steam cleaning. This is the cheapest BBQ cleaner and one of the best ways to clean a grill.

Use the Dishwasher

Your BBQ grill may be large, but when it comes to grill cleaning, you will be happy to note that most of the grill parts can fit perfectly into the dishwasher. What you need to do is set it on the wash cycle and then remove the parts. They will come out as clean as new.

Using Onions

The best grill cleaner doesn’t necessarily have to be a chemical bought at the store. You will find that the best way to clean a grill is by using the local and simple items around you. Here’s what you do; Attach the onion to a fork and then rub it all over the hot bars. The water from the onion will steam and clean the grill and remove all of the stuck-on food.

Vinegar Spray

With this, you will need to use vinegar – 500 ml and the same water amount into a spray bottle. Then use this mix when cleaning grill grates. Spray the solution on the grates and leave them for about ten minutes, then empty the bottle, fill it up with vinegar alone, and then scrub the grill grates once again.

Coffee Cleaner

You should try to soak the grill and its utensils using coffee for the hard-to-remove food particles. This is a great BBQ cleaner. The acid in the coffee will loosen up the caked-out dirt and make it easy to clean.

Baking Soda

When looking for the best way to clean a grill, you can never overlook the impact of baking soda. This is a simple yet effective way, as baking soda works as a scourer and can scrub all of the dirt from the grill until it’s gone and sparkles.