How to Keep Your Grill Clean While Cooking

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When you want to use your grill, there are a few things you will notice. One is that a dirty grill will not cook the food well, and the second is that it just looks bad to keep cooking on a dirty grill. Grill cleaning methods will help you keep the grill clean while cooking.

Here are a few of these methods;

Remove any burn off food

When cooking food tends to fall on the grill grates and burn off. If this happens, give yourself space before grilling the next food. Leave the grill for about 15 minutes and this will turn the leftover food into ash particles.

This is much easier to clean. Once you know how to clean a gas grill in this method, then you can keep cooking.

Ensure the Grates are clean

When cooking, you should keep cleaning the grills at all times when you can. Find out how to clean grill grates while cooking so you do not burn yourself in the process.

The best way to clean a BBQ grill would be to ensure you sprinkle some clean water on the grates so the burnt-off food and spice particles can clear easily and your cooking resumes.

How to Clean a Grill – The Burner Protectors

The grill’s burner protectors help to shield the burners from debris and grease. This helps protect them. The protector that’s too dirty will prevent the burners from cooking the food well. So, what you should do is ensure that they are always clean.

If you do not clean them, they are capable of introducing bacteria into your food and causing some serious infections. They must be cleaned before cooking while cooking and after cooking.

How to Clean a Gas Grill – The Plates

There are times when you would wish to really use your grill but it tends to get dirty quickly. While you grill your food, take some time in-between and use a soapy sponge to clean the grill plates. These are likely to have some ash residue, which is not always a result of food burning. It is fairly easy to remove the built-up gunk.

The plates can be removed easily and then cleaned to remove the grill brush. This will also help get rid of any chunks of food and grease.

Cleaning the outside of the Grill

When looking for the best way to clean a BBQ grill, do not forget the outside. When cooking, it is likely to get hot and in this case, you should have a system of ensuring you clean the outside as well. This needs to be spotless at all times.

Ensure that you always go over the grill using a wet rag and then when you are done cooking, you can remove the dirt with some soap and water. If however, you have a steel grill, using a stainless steel cleaner is the best option.