5 Helpful Tips To Cleaning Grime Off Your Grill Grates

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Are you gearing up for a barbecue season, and your grill grates are full of grime? Do not worry. Many options are available to wash the dirt off your grill. I know your very first temptation is to get a bristle brush, some soap, and water and begin serious scraping. Your grill won’t budge because a huge amount of remnant grease and dirt will survive the brushing at the edges, corners, and even on the grill’s surface. So, save up your energy and apply the following hacks for cleaning grill grates more effectively.

Onions As A Cleaning Hack!

Onions are one of the most easily available cleaning agents and would make your weber grill grates sparkle. For perfect results, take half of an onion or if you have a full one, just split it into half and place it at the end of a grilling fork. With the onion stuck to the fork, ensure that you thoroughly rub the onion all over the grill’s grates. Every grate should have a thorough smear of the onion for better results. The idea is to ensure that the enzymes in the onion are exposed to the whole grill. Finally, take a bristle brush and scrub it all over the grill grates, and the enzymes in the onion will help break down all the grease and oil from the grill.

Steam To Wash Off The Grime

Steams are also very resourceful in washing off the grime. For a good application, take a regular metal tin and fill it with water. Thoroughly boil the water in the tin on the grill rack, then push the tin sideways and scrap it with a bristle brush. The steam will effectively pluck off the grime from your grill.

Beer As A Cleaning Agent

Another way to clean your grill will be to use beer. For the perfect use of beer as a cleaning agent, a little amount of it, like half a bottle over the top of the grates with grease. Before pouring the bear, ensure that you first warm the grill. The beer will instantly break down grease and oil from the grates, and the grime will automatically come off with some scrapping with a bristle brush.

Vinegar To Dissolve The Greasy Dirt

Use vinegar to clean your grills easily in the following way; fill a spraying bottle with a dash of regular household vinegar. Spray the grill with the vinegar and use a piece of aluminum foil rolled to make a ball to scrape the grime from the grill.

Soak In Baking Soda And Vinegar

With this method, you will need to have the following; vinegar, baking soda, some dry rags, a paintbrush, and a sink. Mix the vinegar and soda on a ratio of 1 to 3, respectively, and set your grill grates on your sink. Spread the vinegar and soda mixed with the paintbrush and leave it for about 30 minutes. Finally, rinse the grill under running water and then dry it.

The methods above are very simple for cleaning grill grates and can be applied with easily available components at home. However, you will need replacement grill grates for the ones that have been used for far too many years. Note that weber grill grates can last for up to five years if well cared for. Therefore, you might need to replace your weber silver grill parts.