Top 15 BBQ Grill Utensils You Need When Grilling

Grill Utensils

Summer is here, the best grilling season, and you are planning to have a memorable outdoor barbecue experience. Having the right grill utensils is important to make your cooking experience fun and easy.

Here is a list of the top 15 bbq utensils that should be at the top of your list when planning for a barbecue.


Having the best selection of knives in your bbq toolset can completely alter your outdoor barbecue cooking experience. The knives are used for chopping, cutting, or dicing when grilling, and therefore, they should be of the best material for them to be effective.

Meat Tenderisers

This is one of the most important requirements for your barbecue tools for grilling. The meat tenderizer is used for tenderizing the meat before cooking.

It looks like a hammer with a serrated head used for hitting the meat to thin it down and flatten it out, making it softer and simpler to cook.

A Pastry Brush

When grilling, this is a component of the bbq utensils used to coat your veggies and meat.

A Slotter Turner

The best grill toolset should include a slotted turner to prevent your meat from sticking on the grill. The slotted turner should have a front blade that easily lets you turn the meat without breaking apart.

A Sturdy Sheet Pan

Grill utensils should include a sturdy sheet pan for serving and seasoning rather than plates.

Meat Thermometer

The meat thermometer should be on the top of your bbq utensils list for first-timers to reassure that the meat is properly cooked and takes less than four seconds to take the readings.

Hard Wired Grill Brush

Taking care of your grill is necessary for it to function properly. This hard-wired brush grill toolset is used to clean the grill before and after use to remove the stains and oils that make the grill unfit for future use.

Burger Presses

The burger press is a component of the bbq utensils used to squeeze the patty into shape after adding a binding agent into the meat to keep the mince from falling apart.

Sturdy Tongs

Barbecue tools include tongs that can be used instead of a turner to turn the meat when cooking. They have long handles to keep your hands far away from the heat when grilling.

Carving Board

Grill utensils should include a carving board used to cut the meat. The best carving board should be thick enough but light in weight to allow you to move around with it easily.

Cooling Rack

Barbecue tools should have a cooling rack to place your meat and veggies for cooling. The reusable stainless steel cooling racks are a better option than the single-use cooling racks but are also very expensive.

Grilling Gloves

Your grilling utensils should also have gloves to protect you from burning your hands, which usually happens when loading ribs into the smoker or dropping corn cobs into hot water.

Chimney Starter

The chimney starter is an important grill toolset that makes it easy to fire up a charcoal grill without using any lighter fluid.

Grilling Bags

Grilling bags have essential bbq tools for grilling if you want to eliminate the need to clean your grill every time you use it.

Forks, Tongs and other utensils

Barbecues can get very hot to eat with your hands; therefore, barbecue tools like forks and tongs are necessary for handling the food when eating to avoid getting burnt.

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