Ultimate Guide On Using Your Grill Warming Rack

Grill Warming Rack

Do you have so much fun using the grill that you barely notice the grill warming rack and other interesting parts? That’s understandable since grilled foods are absolutely delicious. However, you could be missing out on so many convenient ways to use the warming rack on your grill.

If you think, “I can only use the warming to warm food”, you are only partly right. While you can use the warming rack to warm your food, there are many other ways to use it that come in handy!

Here is how you can use your grill warming rack:


First, How Can You Find Your Warming Rack?

Not all grills have a warming rack, depending on the size. Unfortunately, smaller grills do not have a warming rack. However, if you are using a medium to large grill, you can access your grill warming rack at will.

Your grill warming rack is located right above your main grate. Its placement is no accident; rather, its function influences it.

While the main grate is nearer to the fire, the BBQ warming rack is located further from the fire source above the main grilling grate to allow it to warm, as opposed to grilling.


Ways To Use Your Grill Warming Rack

Warming Your Food After Grilling

If you didn’t know what the rack above your main grate does, now you do! It is designed to keep your food warm. Once you have grilled your meats and veggies, but your guests aren’t there yet, you can keep the food warm for them on the warming rack.

The fact that it is further from the fire but still gets its warmth allows it to keep the food warm without cooking it further.


Light Bun Grilling 

Most people love to grill their sandwich bread, hotdog buns, and hotdog bun before filling them with deliciousness. However, grilling them over high direct heat will char them and burn them. It is also hard to control the level of grill you achieve.

Thanks to the warming rack, you can grill your buns comfortably without worrying about them burning.


Slow Cooking

The char broil warming rack comes in handy when making steaks or nice short ribs that need time to cook and soften. It makes them sweeter.

After searing your meat on the main grilling grate to lock in the juices and avoid drying out despite long looking,  you remove it from the grill and place it on the warming rack to cook slowly.

You can also foil your ribs and place them on the BBQ warming rack to cook until super soft and delicious.


To Complete The Cooking Process

The warming grill also helps complete cooking foods that aren’t fully done despite grilling.

If you have some meat that needs to be better cooked and done by the time your family or guests are ready to eat, simply place them on the grill warming rack to complete cooking them without burning the already cooked ones.


To ‘Bake’ Potatoes

The warming grill acts as an oven when cooking potatoes to go with your grilled meats. Simply cover them with foil, place them on the BBQ warming rack, and let them cook slowly. This allows them to cook through completely, with a nice crunchy exterior.


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