Grilling At A Party: Important Dos And Don’ts On Being Safe!

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Grilling at a party can get messy and dangerous quickly if you do not observe the necessary safety measures. The grill area is always an accident waiting to happen, and it is your job to keep it safe for yourself and everyone at the party and around the grill.

Nothing says summer like a barbeque throw-down on a sunny day, with some nice music. Therefore, to keep it fun with nothing going sideways when grilling at a party, follow these safety tips:


BBQ Grill Party Dos And Don’ts!

Keep An Extinguisher Close By

While grilling at a party, safety is non-negotiable. Fire is one of the common hazards you must anticipate and stay prepared for. In case of a fire, ensure that you have a fire extinguisher you can use nearby. Also, keep a box of baking soda for more minor flare-ups.


Checking Your Propane Tank And Gas Hose For Leaks

If you are using a gas grill, check your propane tank and hose to ensure no leaks when in contact with fire. Also, for a propane gas grill, ensure that you light your grill with the lid open, and if it goes off, wait at least 5 minutes before relighting it to avoid a fire.


Always Grill Over 10ft From Your House

When grilling at a party, always ensure that you are a good distance away from your house and any structures that can catch fire, such as trees. These can escalate an otherwise avoidable fire.


Never Leave The Grill Unattended

Anytime you have a BBQ grill party, you have to be ready to stand by the whole time, to ensure that you monitor the fire, and to stop any pets or kids from getting near the grill.


Keep Some Water Close by

While grilling at a party, you cannot avoid flare-ups. These can be caused by fat from meats dripping on the fire. Having a water spray bottle helps you keep the flare-ups under control, and you can also reduce a charcoal fire to reduce the heat.


Keep The Cook Down Outdoors

A BBQ grill party can be fatal, especially with a charcoal grill. A charcoal grill produces carbon monoxide gas as it burns, which can be fatal if there isn’t enough fresh oxygen replacing it in the atmosphere. Keep the grill outside to ensure good air circulation and safety for all.


Keep Lid Open Always

Grilling at a party with the lid closed can cause a build-up of gas, which can flare up when you open the grill, right on your face.


Use Long Handles

When holding a BBQ grill party, you want to turn and handle the meats on the grill from a safe distance. Therefore, you need grilling tools with long handles to keep you safe.

Still on maintaining your safety, ensure that you have no hanging clothes or clothes with hanging fabrics that can catch fire when you are too close to the grill fire.


Maintain Stability

Always ensure that the grill is steady and will not topple over at any movement causing a bad fire, endangering you, your home, and other people at the party.


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