The Easiest Way to Cook Seafood on a Grill

Grilling seafood | Grill Tanks Plus

When it’s grilling season, you want to take every single opportunity you can get to use your grill. Grilling seafood is a common occurrence at this time, and you can experiment with the best fish to grills such as grilling lobster tails and shrimp foil packets.

So, most people will hesitate when it comes to seafood grilling as they feel that this is sensitive meat that’s likely to break on the grill but there are so many simple and fast ways of ensuring you grill your seafood to perfection making it delicious and healthy.

It is of course demanding but does not work, there’s always a solution, which is making seafood kebabs.

Grilling Seafood – Kebabs

The most common mistake you will find when grilling seafood is that most people tend to overcook it. This results in rough and dry food. Another mistake is overhandling, this leads to the fish falling apart. Kebabs are the best option as they help mitigate these particular problems.

Now, when you want to experiment with seafood grilling, you should ensure that you first have the best fish to grill and some good quality skewers. These are good for several grills if you are going to be grilling often.

Grilling seafood Procedure

Well, making fish kebabs will need you to first remove the skin from the fish, and then cut it into pieces that are easy to thread into the skewers. Now, before this, ensure to rub the fish with some salt, pepper, and oil or even marinate it with your favorite delicious combination.

Since the fish pieces are small, the cooking time will be reduced and in literally just a few minutes you can flip the skewers and find that the fish is ready.

Then, oil the grill lightly before you fire it up. Heat it to around medium to high temp and then depending on the size of the seafood grilling, you could give it about ten minutes and it will be ready for you.

When seafood grilling, however, it is sometimes hard to tell when the seafood is ready to serve, but following the cooking guidelines you have on seafood grilling, it can be extremely easy. Here’s what you should look for;

  • That the fish is easy to pry from the frill surface
  • That the fish flakes easily when you insert a fork.
  • That the color has changed from translucent to white or it’s pink or red if you are grilling arctic char or salmon.

When grilling seafood, you should not worry too much about undercooking as fish will keep cooking even after you remove it from the heat source and if you are in doubt, then you should wait a little longer before removing the fish.