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Propane tank exchanges are when you swap your empty tank for a full propane tank, or so they make you think it is anyway; more on that later. Our industry has evolve into a mainstream service over the years. Before then delivering propane tank exchanges were virtually unheard of. It used to be you could only go to a propane tank exchange cage and or take your tank to a propane refilling station. Unfortunately, many charlatans are now taking advantage of people not knowing the facts about propane tank fill capacities. Some even believe the reason why 20 lb propane tanks are only filled to 15 lbs has to do with state or federal regulations involving rising PSI levels as influenced by heat; this is false. Propane tank refill PSI levels do vary depending on how hot the surrounding area is but safety mechanisms are in place that will release pressure slowly if need be. Ready for the truth?

Propane Tank Exchange scams

This post is designed to inform you of what is known as the Propane Tank Exchange Scam. We will be explaining in-depth what this scam is all about, what you need to know, as well as how we take no part in this practice, and most importantly what makes us different. We have numerous tips and tricks for you here so let’s get to it!


Do you enjoy paying full price for only 75% of the tanks Propane Capacity?

We’re pretty sure you don’t. That’s why we want to make sure to inform you of the truth. Most supermarkets, gas stations, and even convenience stores that have cages with pre-filled propane tanks are ripping you off. The first part of propane tank exchange scams have to do with the fact that they are only giving you tanks filled to 75% capacity, yet they charge you for 20 lbs.

Secondarily, these tanks are often past their certified date and are dangerous. Tanks must be recertified by a certain date and we have exchanged many tanks for our clients that showed a past due date. Also, these tanks are not monitored meaning whatever damage the last user created, you will now be stuck with.

Finally, you see those giant marketing label wraps completely wrapping the entire tank, which is an issue as it traps moisture and also hides the tanks welded bead line where the corrosion is most likely to happen in the first place. Check out this video clearly showing you the facts!



How To Avoid Propane Tank Exchange Scams

First and foremost a simple clue though very subtly indicated on the tank is the net weight of Propane. You will see it on the label marked at 15 lbs of LP. There are numerous other ways to tell if you’re being scammed and here we will provide you with a checklist on how to tell if you a victim of the Propane Tank Exchange Scam.

1. Be sure to read the propane tank label clearly.
2. You will usually see it indicated at the bottom in small print.
3. Next is the Warm Water, Cool Hand method.
4. Pour warm water over your tank.
5. Then run your hand down the side.
6. When you feel the tank cool, that tells you its fill level.
7. Use a Propane Gas Gauge With Level Indicator.
8. Most accurate test is the Tip The Scale Method.


Propane Tank Labels

image showing propane net weight at the bottom of the labelBegin by checking the bottom of the propane tank branding label wraps you will find in fine print the filled net weight of the tank. If you can’t find it don’t worry we will explain numerous ways to go about discovering the truth about how much propane your provider is actually giving you.

Warm Water, Cool Hand Method

warm water cool hand propane tank trickOur next trick is quite clever yet simple and works like a charm. Simply pour hot water over your tank and then run your hand along the side of the tank. At the spot it suddenly becomes cool, it is at that spot your propane is leveled off at. So upon receiving a new tank exchange try it and if it gets cool 1/4 of the way down, you will know you have only 15 lbs of Propane in that tank!

Propane Gas Gauge With Level Indicator

Propane Gas Gauge With Level IndicatorYou won’t find these on your everyday ordinary tank exchange cylinder but if you have the right service provider delivering your tank exchanges you can request that your exchange tank come with a Gauge on it. This is the customer service level we provide and you may be hard-pressed to find any other company that will do this for you, but as we like to say around here: “We know who puts the food on our grills, and for that, we thank our clients in action with stellar customer service;” so, you can bet we’ll take care of this for you!

Tip The Scale Method

propane tank on a bathroom scaleFinally we get to arguably the most accurate trick to weighing your propane tanks current capacity. All propane tanks have two weights stamped onto the collar. One represents the tank’s empty weight (Tare Weight). The other represents its full weight (Water Capacity). Most have a Tare weight of +/- 17 pounds, which means if your tank is full it should weigh 37 lbs; not 33 lbs like the tanks you get at the cages.


Well, that about does it for today’s how-tos and tips and tricks. We at Grill Tanks Plus keep our tanks regularly certified and in like-new condition always. We certainly fill our tanks to capacity making sure you get your monies worth out of our tanks. We don’t wrap our tanks in fancy marketing and branding wraps because that only accelerates the rate of corrosion that naturally occurs at the tank’s welded bead line because it traps moisture in there leading to rust and often hidden dangers as we have seen some almost completely rusted through. In such cases, one wrong move could have lead to disaster. Our tank exchange service has been going strong since 2011 and we have over 500 combined 5-Star reviews for good reason. We demand the best for our clients and even for those that aren’t which is why we wanted to write this article hoping its reach goes far and wide.

As Always – Happy Grilling To All and thanks for reading!


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