How To Stop A Grill Fire: 9 Tips To Controlling Grill Fire

How To Stop A Grill Fire | Grill Tanks Plus

Everyone loves a great barbecue, but sometimes this comes at a cost. Fire can erupt from your grill, causing accidents. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that over 10,000 home accidents are caused by grill fires each year. While accidents are inevitable, it’s essential to know how to stop a grill fire if one starts. Here’s how to put out a grill fire.


How To Stop A Grill Fire?

Before we delve into how to prevent a grill fire, let’s consider the causes of grill fires. The following are the primary causes of grease fires.

  •         Failure to clean the grill
  •         Grill too close to combustibles
  •         Leaving the grill unattended
  •         Leak in the gas line
  •         Using the grill for warming

While we’ve explored the common causes of a grill fire, how can one prevent a grill fire? The best way to handle grill fire is to nip it in the bud. Here’s how to prevent a grill fire.

Clean your grill according to the manufacturer’s instructions: Regular cleaning will reduce home fire to the barest minimum. If you need help with cleaning, outdoor cleaning services are your best bet.

Close the lid: Ensure you close the grill vents or lid to prevent air from entering as oxygen supports combustion.

Switch off burners: Sometimes, grease accumulates around the burners, starting a fire. If it’s safe, turn off the burners, keeping the lid open for the grease to burn off. Does your grill need a deep cleaning? Reach out to outdoor cleaning services.

Smother fire: Put out the fire by pouring kosher salt or baking powder. You can also use an extinguisher to smother the fire. If your grill gets damaged during a fire breakout, you should seek help from a professional outdoor grill repair service.

Evacuate premises: If a fire is caused by a propane tank or seems out of control, evacuate the area immediately and contact the fire station.

Trim off excess fat: Fat and oil dripping can cause grill flare-ups. Thus, reduce excess fat as much as you can from your meat. Doing this will prevent grill fire. You can contact outdoor cleaning services to help clean your grill for safe barbecuing.


Prepare Yourself Now! 

Knowing what causes grill fires, how to prevent a grill fire, and what to do when it’s beyond your control will ensure seamless outdoor cooking. You can get more details on how to stop a grill fire and outdoor cleaning services from Grill Tanks Plus. We’re your trusted source for grill cleaning and professional outdoor grill repair service. Let’s help you achieve your goal of a clean, healthier grill.