The Importance of Maintaining your Infrared Grill

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Infrared is the in thing currently for homeowners who love having a barbecue. The grill uses infrared technology. It means the heat waves radiate from a heated solid surface that uses electricity or gas. Infrared burners heat food directly and are hot compared to other burners and much more economical, as a result you need to know more about infrared grill cleaning. If you are in Palm Beach County and looking for this latest trend in grills, then Grill Tanks Plus has a list of products in stock for you.


What are the benefits of Infrared grill cleaning?

  • Less time to heat

These grills use infrared radiation to heat food. They can reach top temperatures in a matter of minutes. Traditional gas requires 9minutes to preheat, charcoal grills need 15minutes, but infrared grills only take 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Adjustable Heat Options

A significant advantage of infrared grilling is the option of setting high temperatures. They can be as high as 700 celsius. The high cooking temperature reduces the heat for roasting proteins by half. However, the temperature is adjustable and can cook anything from roasted meat to steamed vegetables.

  • It has a leveled Heating Surface.

The heating device is constructed below the ceramic tile. It helps to distribute heat evenly on the heating surface.

  • Saves Energy

The less time it takes to heat and cook food means it’s energy-efficient than other grilling options.

  • Flavorful and Delicious Food

Infrared grill retains the tasty and juicy flavor of food, and the nutrients are not depleted. It gives food a unique aftertaste.


How to Maintain Infrared Grill

Infrared grills are pricey compared to charcoal and traditional gas grills. However, they are more efficient and fast. So how do you maintain and properly care for it to avoid breakdown?


Maintenance on your Infrared Grill

Have a maintenance inspection twice a year. Check if there is any wear and tear. Confirm if there is any damage to the heating component, the infrared plate, and the grate. If you find any worn parts, replace them before reusing them. The parts can be ordered from the manufacturer.


If you are a big fan of DIY, do the replacements yourself. However, if you aren’t sure about the parts and how they should be fixed you may want to contact the grills manufacturer to locate an authorized grill repair center. You wouldn’t want to mess with an expensive kitchen gadget. It might be costly to repair in the end.


Cleaning The Infrared Grill

Once you have confirmed your infrared grill is properly working, you can start by cleaning it. However, take caution when cleaning the heating element and infrared surface. Clean the grills’ gas element by removing waste with steel wool. You can also check on the burner openings and clear any blockage. Cleaning will help heat spread evenly.


For an infrared grate, apply grease. If it’s made of metal, brush a stiff wire brush to remove cooking remains. Then we head over to the grill. Heat the grill to a high temperature. Let it cool and, finally, use a grill brush to remove leftover debris.


The last thing is cleaning the infrared heating surface. Lightly brush off any food pieces and then use a gentle cleanser to remove the stubborn stains. Clean the infrared grill twice a year but, it’s about preference as some prefer to do it often.


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