LYNX BBQ Grill Review

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LYNX BBQ Grill Review. 

LYNX Professional Gas grills are top notch industry leading grills. Style and quality come together and deliver pro grade grilling abilities, and lets not forget they are American made! 

 These grills have a 

smoothly polished 304 grade stainless steel, and there appearance arguably keeps better than any other grills out there. LED knobs … yeah that’s nice! 

Be it they have such high quality steel and this especially on a 6 burner because of the size, these hoods can get heavy. LYNX resolves this issue with a brilliant rotating handle and built in spring assist. Always innovating. 


LYNX really goes next level with there infrared trident burner design, which makes it perhaps the most variable in heat of all grills. Also,

ceramic briquettes come on top and this insures equal distribution of heat better than anything.   They also use real brass which conducts heat the best. Not to mention cast brass = less corrosion!.  

Lastly, LYNX stands by their work with an industry leading warranty. We are talking lifetime guarantees here – no one else does that! 

Obviously, LYNX Grills are a great investment. 

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