Oiling Grill Grates: The Ultimate Guide To Oiling Your Grill

Oiling Grill Grates

One of the reasons why oiling grill grates is necessary is to avoid food from sticking on the grates and also to protect the grill from rusting.

Stuck food ruins the ultimate picture-perfect meal you were trying to create and presents you with a heap of food rather than a well-prepared and presented meal.

So, which is the best way to oil grill grates?

There are many options for greasing grill grates, but it is important to not only oil your grates correctly but also ensure that you use the grates in the right way. The right technique for applying the oil should be one that ensures the oil is evenly applied to all the grates.

Oil on your grill grates should be applied when the grill grates are cold. Here are two main options you can use when grilling grill grates;


Spraying It On

In this case, spray the cooking oil on the grill grates directly and then add your food to the grill in order to cook.


Brushing It On

Greasing grill grates can be a little messy when your aim is not right. You can use a brush so you can grill the grates evenly.

Take a small bowl with oil and then and then coat the grates with a smooth coat. It may take a little longer to completely add the oil to your grill grates but it guarantees complete coverage.


Why Is Greasing Grill Grates Important?

Because grates are made of iron, iron rusts are common. This may be a slow process that takes many months to appear but once it starts, then you are in trouble.

Rust can ruin your smoked meat, grill, or smoker. If you ignore the grates, they will be eaten away by corrosion.

A proactive step therefore would be to prevent the crust from forming on the iron. This can be done by ensuring the iron is prevented from oxidizing through oxygen and excessive moisture.

When you mix oil with fire, a few things happen. The oil reaches the smoking/flashing point.


The Smoking Point

The cooking oil used in greasing grill grates has a combustion point. This combustion or smoke point is where the temperature of the oil starts to smoke.

During this point, the oil degrades and becomes useless. This is what prevents your grates from rusting.


How Often Should You Add Oil On Your Grill Grates?

Greasing grill grates should be done before cooking. The reason behind this is that the oil will ensure better and optimal performance.

You will also be able to flip your food easily and create those sorts of cross-hatched grill marks on the food that are usually so appealing.

Therefore, the oil not only prevents your food from sticking to the grill but also ensures the grill doesn’t suffer from extensive wear and tear caused by rust.


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