How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Outdoor Grill

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We can thank our outdoor grills for our most delicious meals and best get-togethers. However, the lifespan of your gas or charcoal grill may be a daunting factor in mind. The excellent news is that you can extend the longevity of your outdoor grill while still ensuring high performance for those tasty steaks!


How to care for your outdoor grill at home

With proper maintenance of your grill comes a prolonged lifespan. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with a weird taste in your meals due to a dirty grill after all the effort you made! A fire may erupt in your backyard due to amassed grease and debris in the worst-case scenarios.

To be on top of such risks, create cleaning sessions after cooking or get certified technicians to help with in-depth cleaning. So, what are the tips for outdoor grill upkeep?

  1. Clean!

Your cooking grates need to be cleaned right before you dive into outdoor cooking and when you are done. For this exercise, turn your grill on high. If you notice any smoke, let it clear out. Then get a stiff wire brush and work on the grates. However, when it comes to porcelain-coated cast iron, a nylon grill brush is recommended.

  1. Oil the grates

Use vegetable oil on the surface of the clean grates before showcasing your outdoor bbq kitchen skills. Get a paper towel, pour a bit of the oil, and then rub the paper towel over the grates using tongs.

  1. Empty the traps

Once the grill is cool, remove the grease traps. These traps require emptying after every use. For some gas grill models, they are called drip pans or catch pans.

  1. Clear ash and debris when necessary

The grill’s heat typically gets this done. However, you may notice a covering of ash and debris. In that case, get a nylon brush to clear the rocks and bars.

  1. Clean the grill lid.

Using warm and soapy water, wash the lid, control knobs, and warming racks. Consider a gentle dishwashing liquid and a sponge to clean grease stains and any residues. Get some clean water for rinsing.

  1. Clean the exteriors

Use a sponge with warm and soapy water, wipe the grill’s exterior and rinse with clean water. Let the grill dry thoroughly before storing your grill properly or using it.

  1. Polish the exterior surfaces

For a good-looking grill, it may help to polish the external stainless steel surfaces. However, go through the manufacturer’s application guidelines beforehand.

  1. With more grilling comes more cleaning.

The summer season calls for more grilled meals at our dinner tables, requiring more thorough cleaning sessions as well. Two or three times work fine. However, you should do this after disconnecting the propane tank, using masking tape for covering any gas openings, and removing the burners and grates as necessary.

Remember that outdoor cooking should be done at least ten feet from your house to promote proper ventilation.


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