Lots of customers have loved and praised using these DCS Access Drawers. These are basically grilling drawers and they are exclusively designed to make your grilling task flexible each time.

Top Reasons to Use and Buy These Access Drawers

These drawers have LP tank drawers as well as ice cube tanks. All these drawers that are a part of this product, are fully spacious and of utmost accommodating.

You can access them easily. They deliver a large capacity and storage space.

Regarding warranty, the labor and parts side of these drawers are of 2 years time frame. On the other hand, stainless steel assemblies of these drawers give 5 years of warranty time.

The finishing side of these grilling drawers is truly great. Like, these drawers have a built-in installation and also weather resistant.

You can convey to us your feedback if you buy these drawers for your grilling items.

Package Included

1 x Access Drawers Built-in