This is the high-end and reliable of all DCS Outdoor Warming Drawer that you can get and order now.

The unique quality of this warming drawer is that it is composed of a removable stainless steel shelf and provides you with enough space so that you can keep around and about 6 standard-sized dinner plates.

Offer Thermostatically Controlled Temperature

This product offers thermostatically controlled temperature and this scale ranges from 140°-230°F.

Packed With Removable Stainless Steel Shelf

You can see that this warming drawer consists of a removable stainless steel shelf so that you can secure and keep six standard-sized dinner plates.

Made of 304-Grade Stainless Steel

This entire product is made of 304-grade stainless steel; it is packed with the element of superior weld and finish.

Stainless Steel Finish

Lastly, this exclusive warming outdoor has a neutral style kind of stainless steel finish on it.

Package Included

1 x Outdoor Warming Drawer