For all built-in grill models, we have one mandatory and compulsory to be used item for you and it is this insulated jacket item.

You might be wondering why to only buy this 36″ Insulated Jacket, here we will tell you:

Qualities of 36″ Insulated Jacket

This insulated jacket shows 304 grade stainless Steel composition and construction.

You can say that this jacket runs and packs with the element of Rigid Welded construction. It ensures the elements of extensive strength and longevity.

USP of 36″ Insulated Jacket

This is an important item that you should buy while completing your grill installation job.

It can well fit on all kinds of grill models and types.

Its cut out dimensions makes it compatible with all outdoor built-in grill versions.

Hence, we can say that this is a promising and eye-catchy 36″ Insulated Jacket item that should get and order for yourself.

Package Included

1 x 36″ Insulated Jacket