You can order this Storage Unit, 6″ for Series 9 48″ Grill for yourself as it is a user-friendly and reliable looking accessory storage unit.

Such a kind of storage unit is designed for grills so that you can secure the related grilling accessories and essentials in it.

Features and Top Qualities Present in Storage Unit, 6″ for Series 9 48″ Grill

Most importantly, this is a DCS 6″ Accessory Storage Unit. It is compatible with Series 9 48″ Grill options.

Furthermore, these storage units extensively and immensely expand your grill unit space.

Just secure your grilling essentials in it and feel utmost ease and 100% convenience at your end.

By using this storage unit, your grilling items will not only remain out of sight but at the same time, they will remain close at hand.

Package Included

1 x Storage Unit