We have this useful product for you and it is this Built-In 700 Series 44-inch Gas Grill with Dual Rear Infrared Burners.

Furthermore, we have collected some of the important features of this product, that you can check out below:

Features of Built-In 700 Series 44-inch Gas Grill

For your outdoor kitchen, this is ideal to place appliances in your kitchen. In addition, it is made of high quality and marine-grade materials.

This grill is made by using stainless steel and it encompasses the elements of stylish durability in it.

Besides, this grill has 9-mm thick cooking grids and they remain to stay virtually maintenance-free.

You can see that the control knobs of this grill glow blue and when these knobs are turned on, then they are activated in red color shade.

Through this grill station, you can do searing, smoking and even roasting, rotisserizing.

Package Included

1 x Built-In 700 Series 44-inch Gas Grill

Fuel Types

Natural Gas, Propane