The honest review on this Prestige® Series 500 Natural Gas Grill is here provided for you.

Check out the details and see why this gas grill model is praised by so many people:

Specs and Qualities Showcased by a Prestige® Series 500 Natural Gas Grill

This reviewed grill helps you in making and preparing delicious dinner always. Even more, it is surrounded by this glorious looking stainless steel body.

You can make and grill thirty burgers on it at once. This model possesses a large grilling area and is infused with a generous amount of warming rack.

It delivers superior and ideal heat retention and is known to be a compact grill model.

This model has folding side shelves and is even embedded with this interior cabinet storage.

Lastly, this grill contains a minimalist pedestal base.

Package Included

1 x Prestige® Series 500 Natural Gas Grill

Fuel Types

Natural Gas, Propane