Let us talk about this PRESTIGE PRO™ 825 RSBI Grill that comes with a power side burner and also infrared red burners and to bottom burners.

No doubt, this is an excellent quality grill option that you can have!

Features of PRESTIGE PRO™ 825 RSBI Grill

This grill has got a stainless steel body and it is the name of long-lasting durability. In addition, there is chrome detailing present on it.

Upon buying it, this grill station is going to make your kitchen more luxurious looking.

It has this LED Spectrum kind of NIGHT LIGHT™ Control Knobs that provide the user with limitless color options. Because of this element, you can easily cook at night.

As you can see that the main grill head of this product is large and big enough in size and you can cook for large crowds by using this single grill station.

Package Included

1 x PRESTIGE PRO™ 825 RSBI Grill

Fuel Type

Natural Gas, Propane