This PRO TravelQ™ Stand is composed of a stainless steel condiment tray and also an integrated bottle opener as well as propane storage right behind its stylish front.

Below you can see and check out that what main points and features makes this PRO TravelQ™ Stand so interesting and popular looking:

Reasons to buy this PRO TravelQ™ Stand

This is a party standing machine that you should accompany and pair up with your grill station.

Besides, this whole cart kit is immensely sturdy and durable looking.

It has these removable side shelves and they are featured with added storage so that you can keep your tools and towels and even other essentials in it.

This cart has a space-saving design and you can easily store it in any of the small spaces of your home.

Apart from that, this cart is injected with wheels, which means you can seamlessly move this cart to any location and zone you want to.

Package Included

1 x PRO TravelQ™ Stand