You can have this Rogue® XT 625 SIB Natural Gas Grill as it works perfectly and ideally.

This is a recommended grill model and below you can check out the main features and promising qualities of it:

Features of Rogue® XT 625 SIB Natural Gas Grill

This is a high-quality grill model and it promises to make your BBQ time more enriching, full of taste and flavors.

Furthermore, this grill comes with an Infrared Side Burner. This is a versatile addition that you should be keeping and placing in your kitchen.

This grill is made using stainless steel and it remains 100% durable. Moreover, this grill model is featured with the presence of folding side shelves.

It gives you extra space while you grill and cook.

As this grill has these locking casters, for the reason that you can move and transfer it anywhere you want to.

Package Included

1 x Rogue® XT 625 SIB Natural Gas Grill

Fuel Types

Natural Gas, Porpane