This one is a long-lasting and highly durable TravelQ™ 2225 Stand that we are suggesting to you.

Just put your grill on this stand and enjoy your cooking preparation time. Below you can read out more of the important features that are present in this stand:

USP of TravelQ™ 2225 Stand

This stand has got a simple folding design injected and embedded in it.

In addition, it can easily get fit in any of the small spaces. This stand has a durable looking blacktop and it is surrounded by signature TravelQ™ orange locks.

You can even use this stand in the form of a table, how amazing it is!

It is immensely lightweight and you can set it up in just seconds.

So, have this TravelQ™ 2225 Stand and once you try it, then share with us your views.

Package Included

1 x TravelQ™ 2225 Stand