We have this electric grill option for you and we are quite confident that this electric grill version will meet your expectations.

Below we have written down some of the crucially important features of this product:

Specs of TravelQ™ PRO285 Portable Electric Grill

This electric grill looks extremely stylish and it comes in an all-black color option. Moreover, it is made with the help of cast aluminum and composed of a windproof design.

This grill holds heat for hours and hours and runs on the high heat searing mode. In addition, it brings distinctive sear marks, allows you to experience the even heat cooking process, and is injected with a non-stick surface.

To clean this grill, that is a simple job to do because its burners and also thermostat are removable and this way, you can give a proper cleanup job to your grill.

Package Included

1 x TravelQ™ PRO285 Portable Electric Grill