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Tips For Propane Service Over Summer


Your propane appliances will keep running efficiently and safely if you regularly maintain, inspect and imbibe safety measures. But how do you keep up during summer? We’ve got an article to sail you through all the essential tips to live by. Apart from our propane tank refill services at Grill Tanks Plus in Palm Beach County, we also help clients with their propane service. 

Who To Call For Propane Service

You can’t just invite anyone to service your propane. Hence, a qualified service technician must be hired to carry out a thorough inspection. Why should a qualified technician be the one to do the job? When it comes to appliance maintenance, it isn’t a DIY job. Also, only technicians have the proper training to service, repair, and install. Even when you are considering a propane tank refill, speak with a professional.

When You Should Service

Do you heavily use your appliances in one season? Then you are under obligation to clean and inspect before you start a new season. You shouldn’t wait till your system completely breaks down during the start of a new season. If you also use your propane throughout the year, it is best to designate a month for yearly BBQ maintenance and inspection. This unique yet straightforward trick is an impressive way to schedule your service. And the best time to fix this inspection is during summer. Why is it the best time? Most qualified companies will have fewer clients to attend to than when you invite them during the busy season.

What You Should Service

During summer, we experience heat waves, and it’s believed that we wouldn’t need heating during that time. Thus, servicing during summer is still the best move. But what appliances should you service? Here are some of the appliances you should service this summer:

  • Propane furnace and boiler- To be serviced yearly by a professional
  • Propane fireplace- To be serviced yearly by a professional

There are some less seasonal appliances used throughout the year that need routine maintenance too. Irrespective of when you decide to service these appliances, what’s important is having a designated date, so you don’t forget. Some of these less seasonal appliances include:

  • Propane Oven- To be serviced by a professional
  • Propane Water Heater- To be serviced yearly by a professional
  • Propane clothes dryer- To be serviced twice a year by a professional

Are you unsure if some of your propane appliances are due for maintenance? Speak with an expert today. All that will be required of you is to pick a plan that fits into your schedule. Once that’s done, they will be at your home for a thorough inspection. 

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