How To Install A Propane Tank Gauge?

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Propane Tank Gauges

A propane tank gauge works well for people that don’t enjoy estimating their propane gas levels. A propane tank usually has two gauges. The first gauge is known as the face gauge or dial gauge.

This gauge is common among most people and it’s through its reading that you’ll be able to know your propane tank capacity. There are different types of face gauges are:

  • analog propane scales,
  • digital propane tank scales,
  • and inline pressure gauges.

The measurements on the gauge are usually expressed as a percentage and it also has displayed numbers (10-80). To get your tank readings to multiply any of these percentages with the propane tank’s total capacity.

A propane tank capacity can never exceed 80 percent. The second gauge is the fixed liquid level gauge. Otherwise known as a bleeder valve. This gauge is used by the delivery personnel during propane tank filling.


How To Install A Propane Tank Gauge To Your Tank

First, turn off your propane tank. Then remove your propane tank under your grill and cut off the gas supply using its knob. The next step is to disconnect (unscrew) the hose pipe from the grill. Finally, you can begin installing your gauge.


Connecting Gauge To The Propane Tank

The gauge has a black collar that needs to be connected to your tank. Hold your gauge in a straight position and ensure you tighten its collar to your propane tank.

All propane tanks come with safety which is built-in in their valves to prevent gas leaks. As you tighten the gauge expect to hear a click sound. This tightening process should be done slowly but steadily.

The next step is to connect the gas line(hose) to the other side of the propane tank gauge. Ensure to hold the gauge tightly to prevent it from spinning during this connection.



Before you begin testing the gauge ensure your burners are turned off then open your tank’s gas valve. Be keen to hear any leaks( loud hissing noise). As soon as the valve is opened the gauge will give a reading that might not be very accurate.

But at least it’s an indication of gas flow. To help correct this, turn your burner on for 5 seconds this helps to eliminate trapped air from the system. After this, your propane tank gauge will have a more accurate reading.

Green is a good indication. Yellow indicates that the propane gas might soon need to be changed. The red sign indicates that the gas is not enough to light up your grill.



Cut the gas supply from the propane tank as you observe your propane tank gauge. If the needle begins to drop you have a gas leak. So quickly disconnect your propane tank and don’t use the grill until this issue is resolved.


How Does A Propane Tank  Gauge Work?

After installing the gauge and it’s working the next thing is to monitor the readings. Don’t expect the needle on the gauge to move like a car’s gas gauge. The needle’s movement will be hardly noticeable even after using your grill over and over again.

This is because the propane tanks help in measuring gas pressure. And of course, you don’t expect the pressure to rapidly fall especially if the tank is still new. Remember if the pressure is high the readings will be green.

But when the pressure begins to fall it will first move to the yellow mark. When it reads yellow you’ll notice that your grill won’t get hot faster. And finally, if the needle hits red your tank is no longer usable you may need to refill it.


How Much Does It Cost To Fill A Home Propane Tank?

A propane tank is used by many people to cook or in heating their homes. A propane tank can either be refilled or exchanged. Tank refilling is the most preferred solution as it helps to save costs.

The cost to fill a home propane tank is dependent on the size of your tank. Refilling a 10pounds tank costs $10-$25 while a 20-pound tank costs $16-$35.


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