When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Propane Tank?

Propane tank replacement in fl

Propane Tanks are astonishingly resilient. However, they have a shelf life and must be inspected periodically for replacement. What should you know about replacing the propane tank for your grill? You are here to learn the answer from professionals at Grill Tanks Plus in Palm Beach County! So, if you’ve wanted to know the best time for propane tank replacement, read on to find out!


Things that need an awareness for Propane Tanks Replacement

Ideally, a propane tank is qualified for usage for ten to twelve years from the date of manufacture. If you have a recertified tank, it is fit for five years. The length of recertified tanks depends on the type and method of recertification. If your propane tank is within this range, how do you know that your tank has expired? Well, the easiest way to know is to inspect the handle or collar area of the tank. While this won’t help you get the exact answer, it will tell you when the tank was last certified and manufactured. This background information can aid in determining whether a requalification is needed or the tank is past its life cycle. Additionally, when your propane tank is dented or rusty they are obvious signs that it is near its expiry date or has expired.


How Do You Tell If A Refill Is Needed?

If your propane tank hasn’t expired, how do you know that you need a refill? Let’s examine some simple hacks:

  • Weight- If you are testing by the heaviness, the result you’ll get can be inaccurate. So, what are ways to check your propane tank capacity? To get an accurate answer, you will need to weigh the tank on a scale. To know the volume of propane left in the tank, subtract the tare weight from the overall weight. You can find the tare weight on the handle of the tank.


  • Water Test- Fill a cup with hot or warm water and pour it on the side of your tank. Then, feel the side of your tank. When a part feels cold to the touch, it shows that you still have propane there. The top of the cold is an indication of where the level starts.

Each time you refill your propane tank, check the seal on the tank for breaks, cracks, or missing pieces, before attaching the regulator. Finally, perform a leak test! After that, you are free to use it.


Never Forget!

  • Do not refill an expired, rusty, or dented tank.
  • Empty or old propane tanks will have residual propane and must be disposed of at the right collection site.
  • Old propane tanks shouldn’t be disposed of in the household garbage.


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