How to Tell Your Propane Tank Is Leaking

Propane tank safety

Propane gas is one of the most convenient sources of energy in the US, and more than 50% of all homes use it for cooking and heating. It is also naturally safe, but under the wrong circumstances, propane gas can be dangerous to your health.

Propane tank safety should be taken seriously, and this will ensure minimal leaks as these can quickly turn into severe problems for your home and health. Knowing how to detect a propane regulator leaking will keep most dangers at bay.

What is a Gas leak?

A gas leak means that your propane tank is not safe. This could be a propane regulator leaking, a propane tank leaking at the valve, or a propane tank leaking from the back of the valve. All of these are possible situations that would put your life at risk.

The main dangers of a gas leak include;

  • Asphyxiation or dizziness due to the high gas concentrations in the air.
  • Dead trees, vegetation, and house plants.
  • Costly property damages from fires
  • High gas bills

How Can You Tell That Your Propane Tank Safety Is Compromised And Leaking?

Here are a few ways you can use to check whether your gas is leaking;


A Rotten Egg Smell in the Air

Most gas companies will include a smell in their gas, making it have a distinct smell. Most often, the odor is that of rotten eggs or sulfur. This will easily be detected in the house, and you will know that either your propane tank is leaking at the valve or you have a propane regulator leaking.


A Hissing or Whistling Noise

This happens when there is a considerable propane regulator leaking. The sound you hear from the gas line means that you need to take action immediately. Pay close attention to this noise, especially if it is near your AC. Sometimes it may be an AC noise but be sure to eliminate it all to keep your house safe.


Check the top of your stove

Most gas stoves will give you a blue flame, but when the propane tank leaks from the back of the valve, the flame will change to red or orange, and if you don’t do something quick, the back of the stove will also light up.


Use a Leak Detector

This is one of the most efficient ways of checking whether your propane tank leaking at the valve or propane regulator leaking or, the propane tank is leaking from the back of the valve. At the end of the day, when you detect a leak, you save a life.


The Soapy Water Test

To check this, mix some soap and water to make a solution. Then apply this to the areas you think have a leak. If the leak bubbles, there is gas escaping from that area. This could mean that your propane tank leaking from the back of the valve or a propane regulator is leaking.