Replacing Or Buying A New Grill

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Do you use your grill often? Then, you should expect it to wear out eventually. When your grill fails to function efficiently, you might wonder if what you need is replacing or buying a new grill. Here is the good news: We have created this guide to ease your worry! Professionals at Grill Tanks Plus have outlined signs you need to watch out for when replacing parts of your grill or buying a new one.

Replacing Or Buying A New Grill?

Several signs can help grill owners make a cost-effective decision. Sometimes, a simple replacement will restore your grill into its formal state, saving you time and huge expenses. On the other hand, the only choice you have is to buy a new one. But what initial sign will indicate either of the two options? Has your grill transitioned from quick, roaring heat to an itty-bitty flame? It might be time for a change! Check these further signs below:

  • Low flame
  • Uneven heating
  • Gas leaks
  • Grill won’t light
  • A lot of smoke
  • Low temperature
  • Severe exterior damage
  • Yellow or orange flame
  • Dirty or damaged venturi tubes  
  • Severe debris and grease build-up
  • A large flame from the burner
  • Broken regulator (Controls flow of gas)
  • Hoses/fuel lines cracked
  • Other gas burner problems

So, is your grill experiencing one or more of these problems listed? Then, it’s time for a replacement.

Replacing Your Grill

The first thing to consider is the cost of repairs. Next, consider how long it will take to make the repairs. If the cost and time will be more than buying a new grill, replacing grill parts might be the smartest route. In addition, while many new grills come with a warranty, some replacement parts might not be covered. So, if the cost for replacement is affordable and feasible, replacement might be the best! What are some of the parts that might need to be replaced?

  • Ceramic briquettes
  • Deteriorated burner
  • Grates
  • Ignition

While your grill might appear complex, BBQ repair is so simple! More to it? You can replace all parts of your grill. Once your issue has been identified, start the repair. Before you start, make sure you disconnect the fuel or gas line.

Buying A New Grill

Irrespective of your grill upkeep, it can’t last forever! If the cost of replacement or repair is more than a new one, you know what to do—buy a new one! An average grill, if kept in good condition, can last for fifteen years or even more. To get a new one, these are what you need to consider.

  • Budget
  • Shop around
  • Find a brand you admire
  • BTUs
  • Ease of assembly
  • Check for warranty
  • Pick your desired features

Your personal preference must play a significant role in the type of grill you are settling down with. 

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