Tips For Maintaining Your Grill During The Summer

tips for maintaining your grill during the summer | Grill Tanks Plus

The heat is in full force here in sunny Florida!  With the world slowly returning back to normal, families can once again gather together for yearly barbeques.  With so much to look forward to this season, stressing about grill upkeep should not be on your mind.  Grill Tanks Plus is here to offer our tips for maintaining your grill during the summer, so you can focus on having fun with the whole family!


Tips For Maintaining Your Grill During The Summer Months


Your grill is your pride and joy, your favorite passion, and your prize possession. You look forward to getting it prepped and ready all year. While preparing your grill for summer is a no-brainer, what about maintaining it throughout the season? Wear and tear is completely normal, but without planning ahead you could risk drastically shortening the lifespan of your grill. These summer grill tips are here to help you keep your grill functioning at its absolute best, so you can look forward to cooking with it for many years to come.


Taking Proper Precautions Before Each Use


  • Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when operating your grill. Adhere to all warnings and safety instructions before proceeding to operate it.


  • Be sure your grill is set up on a sturdy surface. This will keep your grill from moving around over time and getting damaged. If stored outside, covering it during storms is highly recommended.


  • Use a splatter mat. Readily available in stores and online, this is a very affordable way to prevent long-term damage to your grill and patio from grease.


  • Allow the grill to preheat before cooking. In addition to cooking food more evenly, preheating keeps food from caramelizing and then sticking to the grill’s surface.


  • Season the grill! Just like other cookware (notably cutting boards) regularly oiling a grill can help prevent rust and keeps food from getting stuck to the grates.


Routine Cleaning Of Your Grill


The absolute best maintenance for any grill is a good ol’ regular cleaning.  Keeping your grill clean provides a number of obvious benefits. These include preventing charcoal from getting caked on as well as ensures there is no buildup. But did you know that regular cleaning also prevents the formation of rust?  Even the strongest grills are still susceptible to weather damage, which is why it is important to inspect and clean your grill often. Be sure to clear away old grease as well! And of course, reach out to professionals like us when your grill requires a little more tender love and care! We are here to help with cleaning and upkeep and look forward to providing you with our expertise in all things grills!


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