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Professional BBQ Grill Repair and Cleaning Service

Grill Tanks Plus is the premier BBQ grill repair and cleaning company in Palm Beach and Broward counties. We offer professional grill cleaning services and are here to help with all your grilling needs, including gas tank repair, propane tank installation or replacement, and more.

Whether you want a professional grill cleaning service or need our BBQ grill repair services, we can ensure that your grill is up and running in no time.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality BBQ grill cleaning service. Our commitment to you is to provide the cleaning job of your dreams better than anyone else, and we don’t stop there. We are committed to ensuring that your grill is ready to go at all times.

Some of our services pertaining to BBQ grills are igniter repair and replacement, burner valve replacement,  propane tank valve replacement, and gas conversions.
Grill Tanks Plus can handle all brands of grills, so you can be sure that we have you covered when you need a professional grill cleaning service.

We offer the following with our professional grill cleaning services: inspections, repairs, replacement parts, and propane tank installation or repair.


Grill Tanks Plus was only an idea as of Spring 2010. Company founder and CEO, Paul Ricard thought,

“I wonder if anyone provides a service like this anywhere? A service where propane tanks are delivered to your home or business. Offering Service calls for barbecue grills that aren’t lighting, igniters not working, propane tanks that seem to be stuck or not working properly. I have had several strong advisers in my life, one in particular who continues to tell me, ‘If you make it about service and helping others, the success will come.’ My main focus and passion for life is helping others. Our entire team is driven by Service and helping Others.”



When you make it about service to others, success follows. We’re here to serve our clients by providing top-notch, one-stop shop services and support.  In this, they may know the true joy of outdoor lifestyles.


Grill Tanks Plus is a family-oriented business. We are changing the way people grill. Serving all of Palm Beach and Broward counties, no other BBQ Grill Cleaning Company takes the kind of pride we take in our work. Our BBQ grill repair experts can service any grill, working closely with each manufacturer’s unique specifications. In fact, we can resolve most issues with just one service call. But that’s not all!  We service all outdoor gas products, from kitchens to firepits and patio heaters.

How’s the grill looking? You can try and clean it yourself, but it’s messy and time-consuming.  Just call us, and we will restore it to like-new conditions. When it comes to BBQ Grill Cleaning and Repair, Grill Tanks Plus is the industry leader!

Tired of lugging that tank around? We offer a Propane Tank Exchange service as well. It’s easy to schedule through our website or a phone call. We will even hook the tank up for you and make sure there are no leaks.

We also feature high-value Annual Service Plans for all our services with the option to auto-schedule for your convenience.


grill burner showing a good strong blue flame

BBQ repair services

We offer quality BBQ grill repair services. We come to your house and diagnose the problem with your grill. If it is a simple fix, we can perform that service for you right then and there. If it requires more work, like replacing a part or repairing something else, we then provide an estimate of how much the repair will cost before starting any work on your grill.

We offer BBQ grill repair services for the following:

– Propane gas grills, including installation, cleaning, and repair
– Natural gas grills, including installation, cleaning, and repair

We are a company with a passion for creating the best grilling space available on the market. Our team knows how to care for your beloved grill, and we want to help you obtain the results that you want from your barbecue, wherever that might be.

Grill tanks plus is a BBQ grill repair service and professional grill cleaning company that can help you with many outdoor cooking appliances. If you are looking for a BBQ grill repair near you, contact us for more information. Our services can get your grill and appliances clean and back in working order all year round.