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Grilling is a central part of American life. A dirty grill can be dangerous, allowing bacteria to grow or causing a buildup of grease, leading to fires. Scraping your grill rack after use can help short-term, but recommendations are that you deep clean your grill at least once a year. Here at Grill Tanks Plus, we have a variety of services for your grill cleaning needs. We are pleased to offer these services throughout Palm Beach County.


When it comes to cleaning grills, Grill Tanks Plus has you covered.

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The Basics of Grill Cleaning

People who are grillers know the basics: using a grill brush after removing the food to scrape the grates reduces the amount of char and dried food. Occasionally, the grates are taken off and soaked in dish soap to remove the grime. However, many people forget to clean out the bottom of the grill. The base is where food droppings and grease drip can clog the diffusers, blocking gas and heat. Also, small rodents can leave droppings at the bottom, and insects can get trapped, leaving a mixture of food, excrement, and insects to cross-contaminate your food. Unfortunately, these grill boxes are not always the easiest to reach. Our team can reach these hard-to-reach areas.

Our Cleaning Services

We pride ourselves on our commitment to make your grill beautiful again. With each grill we clean, we follow the same steps, ensuring the maximum quality in both care and the finished result. When we arrive, we assess the condition of your grill to determine how we will proceed. We then dismantle the grill, pull out the removable parts, and bring them over to our predetermined work area for refurbishing. Once we clean the cook box and island, we make sure there is no debris left anywhere. Using our proprietary method, we wash the cook box and polish it, making it shine like new. After the cook box is complete, we clean the internal components, including the grates and burners. We leave no part behind. After our deep clean and shine, we reassemble the grill to test it, ensuring the newly cleaned grill performs to its full potential.

We offer services for built-ins, small grills, and large grills.

More Than Just Cleaning

While we take pleasure in our cleaning services, we also offer a grill cleaning service and a propane refill and setup service. When we reassemble your grill after we clean it, we test it. If something does not work, we fix it. If we cannot fix it, our Palm Beach Grill Center will help you find the perfect barbecue that fits all your needs. If your propane tank runs out, we will deliver a new one and set it up, ensuring no leaks in the line.

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Grill Tanks Plus is a family-oriented business proudly serving all of Palm Beach County. We take pride in our work and treat every customer with respect and care. Prepare yourself for the season ahead by scheduling a grill cleaning. For more information, contact us at Grill Tanks Plus today!