Palm Beach Grill Center is a Subsidiary company of Grill Tanks Plus



judith horo

Today Steve and Steven came to repair and clean our grill. They were on time, professional, and did a fabulous job! Thank you very much, guys. I have had previous home delivery services, but the people on Grill Tanks Plus are more efficient and proficient at their jobs. The service is second to none. I had a problem with my grill on Christmas Eve. The day after Christmas, they came to my home and repaired it. Terrific service and the people with whom the public works are super nice, friendly, and knowledgeable.


Mauricio Plata

Excellent Service highly recommended it you paid what you get! I’m a big fan of small business with high quality and excellent costumer service Grill tank plus


Dennis Hines

They are super professional, very ontime and reasonable prices for the extreme service they provide. Quite driving to a re-fill area, Call Grill Tanks Plus for all your LP Gas needs and exchanges.


Rafael Cordero

I am impressed with Grill Tanks Plus professionalism and punctuality. I just received my first delivery from them as promised. This company is doing a great service to the community by helping households stay safe at home and avoiding further spreading of covi19. Great job!