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Grill Tanks Plus runs a service-based business with a focus on propane refill/setup, grill repairs, and cleaning. When a propane tank gets low, it’s about time to consider a refill or exchange of the tank. It is cheaper to refill your propane tank than exchange. At Grill Tanks Plus, we ensure a seamless refilling of your propane tank. Our propane refill services here in Palm Beach County are the best!

Hand Ordering Propane Delivery
Truck Delivering Propane
Hand Ordering Propane Delivery


When it comes to Propane Delivery Grill Tanks Plus has you covered.

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Benefits Of Propane Refill

When it comes to propane refill, we make it easy and fast for you. We run a service that comes to your doorstep, so you don’t need to worry about having to leave your business. 

We foresee when you are likely to need a refill of your propane tank by considering the temperature in your area and based on the history you give. Here are some benefits of a propane refill:

  • Periodic Delivery- We refill your tank based on a schedule. When you use propane alone for non-weather-dependent situations such as cooking, forklifts, or water heat, we can program your delivery schedule.
  • Call & Schedule Services- Even when you can not predict when your propane tank will be empty, you can still give us a call.
  • A Full Tank- We ensure you receive a full propane tank when you choose to refill your tank with us.
  • Propane Tank Setup- We do not just refill your tank, we also help you to set up another propane tank or provide you with reliable accessories.

Why Should You Choose A Propane Tank Refill And Not An Exchange?

There are two ways to have your propane. You either choose to refill your tank or exchange your tank. It is more affordable to refill your tank than to exchange your tank. Let’s consider the disadvantages of exchanging your propane tank.

  • Your propane tank might be able to hold more against the tank you get for exchange.
  • You may have to pay for any waste in the process.
  • Limited locations for exchange are available.
  • Exchange of tanks is costly.
  • You don’t get a full propane tank.

Aside from refilling your propane tank, we offer other services, such as sales of accessories. Here are some accessories auctioned to maximize performance and safety:

  • Propane tank fittings and adapters- They are used to connect the propane tanks, and it’s equipment. The adapters carry in sizes. We have the Overfill Prevention Device, Acme valves, and Pol valves.
  • Propane hoses- It connects your cylinders to your appliances. It is easy to fix.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Propane Refill?

Everything has its pros and cons. Here, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of propane tank refill.


  • It is affordable.
  • You pay for the propane used alone.
  • You can refill your tank with less stress by opting for a delivery service.
  • You can customize your tank.
  • You can negotiate your rate of purchase.


  • You lose when your tank is leaking.
  • All possible liabilities shift on you.

The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, which should help you make the right decision to refill your propane today.

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