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When it comes to Propane Refill & Grill Parts, Grill Tanks Plus has you covered.

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Anna Maria Preston AnnaMaria Preston Incredible customer service and the deep cleaning of my grill was so impressive that I was left speechless. I almost didn't want to use the grill! Also, tanks are too heavy for me to lift into the grill so it was wonderful that Grill Tanks Plus said they'd drop by, whether I was home or not, and change out my tank. I really recommend this company! GOOGLE REVIEWS

Propane REFILL - Grill Tanks Plus

Standard Delivery Propane Tank Exchange - Tank will be delivered within 3 business days.
Next Day Propane Tank Exchange - Tank will be delivered next day. + $5
Same day Propane Tank Exchange - Tank will be delivered same day. + $15
Auto Schedule Propane Tank Exchange - Do you grill a lot? Get on an auto-schedule for just $29.99. In this we deliver tank, hook it up & test regulator all on a schedule of your choice.
Hook- Up & Test Regulator - You can add this and have us hook up your tank and test the regulator. +$5
Non-Exchange Spare Tank - Need a spare tank? We have you covered. $69.99
$25.99 Starting at: ORDER NOW CONTACT US


When you live in Palm Beach County, you can enjoy outdoor family barbecues and neighborhood get-together's all year long. You’ve long since mastered the quirks of your grill, and you can’t wait to hear that satisfying sizzle of burgers, fish, shish kabobs, and other delicious meals.

But before you can stoke up the flames and try your latest marinade, you need an easy way to refill your propane tank. While you could throw your empty tank into your trunk and travel miles to the nearest exchange center, you’d still have to lug a dangerously full tank back to your home again.

Rather than risk cracks and leaks, call in the team at Grill Tanks Plus+. We provide convenient propane refill & delivery and tank exchange to Palm Beach, FL residents.

Stop Lugging That Tank AROUND

Propane tanks are sensitive to heat and impact. If you leave your tank in your car while you run errands, you significantly increase the risk of an explosion. If your tank falls over in your trunk and strikes other items or equipment, you may have a leak on your hands.

When you call on our crew for propane refill & delivery, you never have to worry about leaks or damage. We carefully inspect all of our tanks and refill them to manufacturer specifications. For further safety, we can safely hook up your newly filled tank to your grill and make sure that the connection is secure before we leave your home in Palm Beach, FL.
Propane Tank refill Regulator for BBQ Grill

Enjoy Timely Deliveries

At Grill Tanks Plus, we understand that special events and occasions happen at any time during the day or during the week. So you never have to miss a lunch or dinner, we offer propane delivery seven days a week, often within the same day or next day of your request.If you’d like to order a propane tank straight to your door in Palm Beach, FL, visit our propane tanks page and select the delivery option. We also service all of Palm Beach County. For additional questions about our services, call 561.244.2534. ORDER NOW


Often times BBQ Grill Igniter issues can be resolved by resetting the regulator?

1. Turn the gas off at the propane tank.
2. Disconnect hose from the propane tank.
3. Open your BBQ Grill lid.
4. Turn all the burner valves to high.
5. Wait for 2 minutes.
6. Turn off all the burner valves.
7. Reconnect the gas line and tank.
8. Turn the gas on slowly on the propane tank.
9. Light the grill using your normal lighting procedures.
10. These steps should reset the regulator and often times solve your issue.


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