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With June coming to a close, your grill may have seen a lot of barbecues this past month. And with that, it may not be functioning as well as it usually is. Are the burners not turning on right away? Is the food not cooking properly or evenly? It might be time for Weber grill repair in Palm Beach County. Here at Grill Tanks Plus, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and a wide range of knowledge on all grill brands, including Weber. We can get your grill back up and running in no time!

Weber Grills

Weber style grills have been around for years, delighting many backyards no matter the occasion. Designed in 1952 after a buoy, the round Weber design took off, becoming one of the most well-known and well-used grills today. And with all this use comes a long list of potential repairs and troubleshooting, as anything will begin to show wear and tear as the years go by. Weber grills are built to last out of Huntley, Illinois, but after so many BBQs and get-togethers, some parts are just ready for replacement. If you are starting to experience some troublesome issues, don’t worry. Try a few of these troubleshooting techniques in case it’s an easy fix. If it’s not, it might be time for professional Weber grill repair.

Troubleshooting Issues

It’s always important to first shut off and disconnect anything before beginning the troubleshooting process. It may make some of the issues tricky to navigate if the gas isn’t connected, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure everything is shut off and won’t cause any leaks or discharge while you run through all these troubleshooting techniques. One of the first things you can check since you’ll be disconnecting the propane tank is to check it out for any damage. Propane tanks today have a control called the Overfill Prevention Device, or OPD. This device helps to keep the tank from becoming overfilled, but can also be damaged, causing the tank to not connect and work properly with your grill. This is a more rare occurrence but is always worth checking out just in case, especially if your grill is on the new side. Issues between the propane tank and the grill through the regulator may be the problem. The regulator helps to control the amount of fuel that flows into your grill. These regulators are set by a professional and shouldn’t be manipulated by anyone else, but they can clog. The vent holes over a period of time can get clogged, which in turn will lead to irregular fuel flow to your grill. If the regulator is worn or damaged, then there could be fuel leakage as well.

Weber Grill Repair in Palm Beach County

Control valves are another common issue in grills not working. They control the flow of the fuel to the burners, and each burner is going to have it’s own control valve. These controls can also become easily clogged over time, so it’s always a good idea to take it apart and inspect them thoroughly. Insects can get into these valves, as well as dirt and debris, leading it to not flow properly into your burners. If everything appears to be okay, they may be broken or faulty, in which case there is no repair that can fix them. You’ll need professional grill repair services to help you replace the faulty control valves.



Weber Igniters Repair near me


Weber Igniter issues are typically due to wear and tear over time. When you cook food moisture increases in the cook box. This increases grease build-up around the electrodes preventing them from sparking correctly. Often the only thing that is needed is a good cleaning and a repositioning of the igniters so that they spark again.

Weber Regulator BBQ Gas


Often times, all a Weber regulator needs is to be reset. However, there are numerous issues that can arise like leaks and/or Over Fill Prevention (OPD) Device issues, and these can cause heating issues. Over time old hoses can become brittle and leak. You can often tell if you have a leak by looking for a green build-up around the regulator.

BBQ Grill Control Valve

Weber Control Valves

Weber Control valves control the fuel flow to the burners. All the burners in your grill have their own control valve. Control valves, if broken, should simply be replaced not repaired. However, sometimes it’s a simple matter of cleaning the valves to reopen the orifice again. In such cases, you can save the Valve. Otherwise, be sure to simply replace it.



Connected to the control valve, Weber Venturi Tubes control the fuel to air mixture providing a strong blue flame. If there is damage to the tubes, or if they get clogged in any way there can be heating issues, uneven flame or they simply stop working. Look for your flames to be blue. If they are yellow you might have an issue with the tubes.

Grill Tanks Plus Reviewer

Ellyn Roston Osher

I have a ten year old Weber Genesis E-310 that has never been professionally cleaned. You can only imagine how much crud had developed since I use it 2-3 times a week. I called Grill Tanks Plus for a quote and found the price reasonable. The technician arrived on time and was extremely courteous. Moments later another technician arrived. They took the grill completely apart, pressure washed and cleaned all parts. Once reassembled, I had a new grill. Wow!


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Is your grill still not working properly after trying some troubleshooting methods above? It may be time to call Grill Tanks Plus, and rely on our Weber grill repair services in Palm Beach County. Our repair technicians are trained not only by other senior team members, but by the grill brands themselves. Call us today to get started!