Well, we got all the answers!


1. What is the difference between an EXCHANGE TANK and a SPARE TANK?

An EXCHANGE TANK is where you exchange your empty tank for one of our full ones. Because you’re giving us your empty tank, the price for the exchange tank is much lower. However, if you are looking to buy an additional SPARE TANK, without exchanging an empty one for it, you’ve come to the right place. Just select a NON-EXCHANGE tank with your order.

2. How are your tanks filled?

All tanks are inspected and then refilled to exact specifications. All tanks contain newly Overflow Protection Device.

3. Do you deliver on the weekends?

We deliver 6 days a week – Monday through Saturday!

4. What are the hours of delivery?

We deliver from dawn to dusk, although almost all orders are completed and delivered before 6pm on the day of delivery. Please have your tanks out before 7am on the day of the exchange as we often start our delivery days very early.

5. Do I need to be home to receive a delivery?

No, our delivery person just needs access to your existing tank to make the exchange and hook up your new tank. Please provide instructions on how best to access your tank so our delivery drivers can make their exchange most efficiently.

6. Can I schedule a time to meet my delivery technician for the service?

In order to be able to provide the level of service that we do, we are unable to schedule “appointments” or “delivery windows” with our customers. Tanks must be left in an accessible place for our driver to complete the delivery.

7. What if my tank is not accessible from the outside of the house? How do I get my delivery?

Grill Tanks Plus provides an excellent level of service. How do we do we do this? It’s only with your help to make the delivery as efficient as possible. On our website, we give you several choices of where a tank can be left to accommodate almost all customers needs. However, in a few instances, these needs can’t be met and we sometimes are unable to deliver in certain situations. Examples of these situations are if you cannot comfortably leave the propane tank in an accessible place for our delivery driver. Our drivers are not permitted to enter a customer’s residence so any delivery that requires this cannot be completed.

8. I’m moving and need to dispose of my tanks. Do you handle tank disposal?

Properly disposing of propane tanks is a responsibility that each of us holds to keep our surroundings safe and to take care of our environment. Keeping old and empty tanks around not only can become unsightly, but is unnecessary. Putting a tank in with your household garbage is extremely dangerous to the sanitation crew and the general public – NEVER DO THIS. In addition, tanks should be disposed of in a way in which the tanks can be recycled and even in some cases reused, but we cannot do that without your help. For a small disposal fee of just $9.99 per tank, you can schedule a pickup of your tanks by our technician for proper disposal. Just login to our site and place a pickup order, and we’ll be on our way to removing that tank responsibly.

9. Which connection type do I have?

The type 1 valve is attached by a hose from your grill with a large plastic screw connection that must be completely tightened to engage the valve and operate properly. The type 2 connection is a spring-loaded connection where a metal ring on the tank is slid back to allow for the hose to engage and snaps back into place to ensure a tight connection.

10. I forgot to leave my tank out, what should I do?

We charge a small $5 fee for all tanks that are not left out since it requires us to make a second visit to your house. In some cases, if you contact us before the delivery, we are able to arrange for the tank to be left for immediate use. We will reschedule your delivery to the next available date. We are unable to cancel orders once an initial delivery is attempted.

11. My tank doesn’t seem to be working. What should I do?

Once a secure connection is confirmed, make sure that the valve is open on the tank and the grill burners are turned on. At this point you should be able to hear and smell the flow of the propane to the grill and the grill can carefully be lit (be sure to leave the top open when lighting the grill).
If either of the steps mentioned above does not work call us and we provide an evaluation on your valve for a small fee.

12. The valve is open on the tank. Am I losing gas?

OPD tank valves are designed so that no gas is able to escape from the tank unless the valve is engaged by the grill hose. Gas cannot escape from the tank, even if the valve is left open, however, when connecting the tank to the grill, always make sure that the valve is in the off position.

13. Why didn’t the technician hook the tank up to my grill?

We offer a Connection service for a minimal fee to disconnect and connect the tanks for our customers. Because we are handling your grill and because it takes additional time to make the delivery, we have to charge for this service. Therefore, if you didn’t order this service than we are unable to connect your tank for you.

14. Why do you charge a cancellation fee?

Because our orders are scheduled in advance and are designed to maintain a certain level of efficiency. This helps keep our prices and costs low, last minute changes are costly and we must charge for order cancellations. Any order canceled within 24hrs of the delivery date will be treated as a cancellation.

15. My business uses propane tanks, can we use you for our commercial propane tank needs too?

Absolutely. We provide great pricing and convenient 7 day per week delivery. We provide a simple and easy to use service, done the way we like to do business…no gimmicks or hidden fees. Call us today and start doing your business the Grill Tanks Plus way…we know you will be satisfied.

16. Do I need to buy a propane cylinder from Grill Tanks Plus to get started?

You do not need to buy a Grill Tanks Plus tank to get started. If you have a Blue Rhino or Amerigas propane tank, or any other propane tank in working condition, without excessive rust and with an OPD valve (the triangular knob), we’ll exchange it for you at the exchange price. It’s that easy. You leave your empty or nearly empty propane tank out for us and we’ll give you a precision-filled, high quality propane tank, filled with propane in return.

17. Do I need to be home for delivery?

No. There is no need to be at home, simply leave your propane tanks to be exchanged in an accessible location for our delivery technician and we will do the rest. We cannot schedule our drivers to meet you during a certain time window, so having your propane tank in an accessible location for us to pick-up is a requirement for using our services.

18. Do you connect or disconnect the tank for me?

We do offer a connection service for a small fee. This fee is charged if you do not disconnect your exchange tank or if you request the new propane tank to be connected. Our technician will connect it and make sure the connection is tight and secure before leaving the grill. This way all the dirty work and lugging can be left to us.