Service Plans

Are you experiencing problems with your grill? At Grill Tanks Plus, we offer the best bbq repair and cleaning that you can think of. Keeping your grill clean is crucial when it comes to functioning properly and working to its fullest potential. That is why it is important to hire professionals like us to help you clean it once in a while if you do not know how to. Even for those who believe that they regularly clean their grill, it’s important to have professionals at least take a look at it to make sure that it is as good as new. We are a service-based business, and we primarily focus on repairing and cleaning grills. Our sister company Palm Beach Grill Center also offers these services, so you will never be without our help. We even offer propane refills and setups and come right to your home, so you do not have to leave your house! You can rest assured that we will have your grill up and running in no time because we offer the best services in the area!

What We Do During A BBQ Repair And Cleaning Appointment


You might be wondering how we go about repairing and  cleaning your grill during our appointments. The first thing we do is set up all of our supplies and cover your patio or deck to make sure that we do not stain it with anything. We then began to clean the inside of your grill in all of the hard-to-reach areas. We remove each part and fully sanitize and degrease them. Next, we begin to polish and clean the outside of your grill so that all of the buildup and debris are gone. We then fully inspect your grill to make sure that it is not only clean but that it is working perfectly. It is very easy to miss small parts of your grill that could be the problem with it, so we make sure to look at everything. Lastly, we report if there are any problems with your grill currently or any problems that might arise in the future.

When You Need Our Help

Sometimes it can be tricky to decide whether or not you need professionals to help you fix your grill or whether you can do it yourself. Here are all of the problems you might face with your grill that means you need our help:

  • Smell of gas 
  • Lights do not work well 
  • Burner goes out if you put it on low
  • Grill will not light 
  • Not enough heat 
  • Food cooks unevenly 
  • Huge flames that are usually orange or yellow 
  • Flames in the control panel 

We Can Help

We pride ourselves on many things, and one of these things is that we can fix any problem you are facing with your grill. Even if you think that no other person has the same issues you do, we have seen it all.

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Grill Tanks Plus are professionals who offer amazing bbq repair and cleaning services. Repairing a grill can be a lot of work, and we want you to sit back and let us fix it all for you. Contact us today in Palm Beach County for more information.