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With summer in full swing, the barbecues are soon to follow. Pool days, beach days, summer parties with friends are all on the docket this year, especially with being away from most of your friends and family for over a year. It’s time to upgrade your propane grill in Palm Beach by visiting Grill Tanks Plus. We have a wide selection of propane grills to best suit you and your family’s needs.

Finding the Best

The grill is the centerpiece to any yard, just like a range is the anchor to any good kitchen. For backyard gatherings, you want only the best propane grills in Palm Beach to cook your food evenly and quickly, all while entertaining guests and family. Whether you’re cooking for five or fifty, there are some main components to any propane grill that you should keep in mind. Gas, or propane, is always a more convenient grilling option as you can turn on the burners and go. BTU, or British thermal units, tell you how much gas the grill is using and the heat it can create. Although most shoppers may look to this measurement for the ideal grill, it may not necessarily tell you how well it’s cooking the food, simply just the heat. More Btu doesn’t guarantee faster preheating or better cooking. Look instead for a propane grill that scores well in a preheating test.

Best Propane Grills in Palm Beach

A basic propane grill will give you a good sear on your burgers and brats and compliment any barbecue to perfection. But if you frequently grill bigger meats, such as fish, steaks, ribs or even a roast, you may want a higher performing grill. Look for bbq grills that cook well with indirect-cooking methods, where the meat is placed next to the fire and then the lid is closed to retain heat. These higher-ranking grills will most likely be a clue that they cook better overall, whether it’s through direct or indirect cooking methods, and will deliver the most for your party.

The burners are typically the most replaced item on a grill, lasting anywhere from two to ten years. Burners with a warranty of ten years should last longer than those with no guarantee, and are most likely more durable. Replacing the burners isn’t a hard task, either, and can typically be done in less than half an hour. Some propane grills will tote it’s infrared burners, which are meant to use intense heat to sear steaks or chops. But a lot of research has shown that the infrared burners don’t really sear any more than the regular gas burners. If it’s an additional cost to get the infrared, you’re better off ignoring that option. Using a more temperature-range score on propane grills will give you a better idea of how well it can reach low and high temperatures to properly cook indirectly or sear, respectively.

Look for Solid Grills

When shopping for propane grills, you’ll want to ensure the model is structurally sound. Check the wheels, cart, lid, and firebox. Jostle the entire assembled grill from several vantage points to test it’s sturdiness. Stainless steel carts with seamless construction and welded joints seem to be sturdier than painted steel carts assembled with nuts and bolts. Wheels or coasters at all four corners or legs make the grill easier to maneuver. And wheels with a full axle are better performers overall than wheels bolted individually to the frame. A sturdy grill means it’s safer, too, for all parties involved. The last thing you want is your grill to get bumped into and knocked over. Sturdier grills will typically offer more safety incentives for you, the griller, too. When testing the lid and handle, make sure your fingers or knuckles aren’t too close to the hot lid.

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