You can check out the review on this Outdoor Trash & Recycle Bin from this page and decide whether you are interested in buying this piece or not.

No doubt, this piece comes in the category of tidy and convenient waste solution. In addition, the package is included with two full size removable bins.

Power of Using These Two Full-Size Removable Bins

These bins create and make a fully sealed environment for your waste. Their drawer system is completely and wholly safe from the presence of rodents and weather.

You can see that these bins are composed of seamless welded and high-end 304-grade stainless construction.

This is a perfect complement and great looking piece for your outdoor kitchen.

Lastly, these bins offer high capacity. We again tell you that you will be getting 2 DCS outdoor trash as well as recycle and removable 10-gallon bins.

Package Included

2 full-size removable bins